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Sweet gnocchi on a bed of warm forrest fruit and poppy seeds.

Did someone say warm forest fruit and gnocchi?

Add some grounded poppy seeds, a touch of sugar and butter and you will be immediately transferred to my childhood in the Czech republic.

"Šišky s mákem" is a traditional Czech sweet version of lunch, usually served on Friday's as that's a tradition to have "meatless day" on Friday in many families.

Gnocchi served on a bed of warm fruit and poppy seeds.

Sweet lunch or sweet treat? The choice is yours.

We traditionally using a slightly different shape and texture of the gnocchi which are made in the ratio of 2/3 of potatoes and 1/3 of semolina, but to save ourselves time and trouble, let's use our Gnocchi > Recipe HERE Poppy seeds are traditionally used in Czech cuisine for many decades in baking or sweet lunches. And been on weekly rotation with kvark (kind of ricotta cheese) and "povidla" Czech thick plum jam made of Damson's variety of plums.

When my grandmother run out of poppy seeds she used sweet pan-fried crumbs. Old bread roll crumbled up and pan-fried with a touch of butter and sugar.

I spiced my gnocchi with warm forest fruit and added dollop of coconut yogurt.

I like mine cooked and pan-fried in a touch of butter to as crisp to the outside layer.


Gnocchi on a bed of warm forest fruit and poppy seeds

Ingredients: serves 2.

250g potato gnocchi Recipe HERE 1 cup of frozen berries of your choice 4 Tbsp grounded poppy seeds (use a coffee grinder) 2 Tbsp of sweetener of your choice (honey, maple or powdered sugar) 2 Tbsp melted butter or Ghee (may use vegan butter) 2 Tbsp yogurt of your choice (I used organic blueberry coconut yogurt from Raglan NZ) Method: Pan-fry your gnocchi in a touch of butter or ghee to give them a nice colour and to warm them up. Ground your poppy seeds if you haven't already and if using sugar mix grounded poppy seeds with powdered sugar. Place you frozen berries in a microwave save cup and warm them up to melt. Melt your butter or Ghee. To assemble. Take your favourite bowl and scoop warmed berries on the bottom. Add gnocchi. Sprinkle over grounded poppy seeds and pour melted butter over. Use sweetener of your choice if using any. And finish with yogurt of your choice. TIP: To serve as desert cut the amount to 1/2 to serve 2-3 people.

Potato gnocchi on a bed of warm fruit and poppy seeds

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