How does it feel to be free?

"Since I learned to understand my emotions I found better ways to cope with difficult situations than turning to food.”


"I was a stress eater and food was my way out. I could never stop myself even if I was already feeling full. I was lacking the willpower to do such a thing or at least that what I thought. This exercise made so much sense and since then I haven't had one episode of stress eating." 


"I could polish off the whole box of doughnuts which would make me feel awful, sick and guilty. I never thought of looking at my problem from another perspective. Now I can stop myself when I am full or when they no longer taste good to me. After 10 years of emotional eating, I never thought I will be able to do that. And if I can, you can too."


Your guide to everlasting food freedom.


Are you an Emotional or Stress eater? 

Are you turning to food every time you experience a difficult situation in your life and find it hard to stop? 

Are you afraid of having no control around food especially when it comes to chocolate, cakes or treats? 

If you could just stop overeating and binging when you are stressed your life would be much easier. 

You would be able to look at yourself in the mirror with love and respect. 

Your problems with increasing waistline would disappear

And you would feel calmer, happier and possibly even stronger... 

What if I would tell you that after finishing this course you will NEVER LOSE CONTROL AROUND FOOD again? 

What's included

7 recordings with a detailed explanation of every step of this process including real-life examples and client studies.

5+1 downloadable workbooks & handbooks to helo you get to the root cause of your problem and find the best solution to it. 

Lifetime access to this course so that you can come back anytime you need it

Two weeks of email support to ask anything

Lesson 1

Detecting your vulnerability to Eating problems.    

Many people believe that they are compulsive overeaters or binge eaters because they've watched themselves eat excessively. In fact, many of these people are misdiagnosing themselves.

How about you? 

Could your reason to eat emotionally be hidden in insufficient self-care or else? 

Lesson 2

Emotional reasons for overeating

Emotional eating covers a wide spectrum of emotions. It can be as positive as pleasure when eating a slice of wedding cake, or as destructive as eating to numb difficult feelings or even to punish yourself as a result of negative self-talk.


Let's evaluate your Pro's and Con's of emotional eating and what triggers your operating episodes.

Learn how to cope with emotions without using food

5-day Online Course ​

Free from Emotional Eating is based on real-life situations and experience of myself and my clients struggling with emotional eating. This was designed to help you build a kinder relationship with yourself, become stronger, feel empowered when it comes to handling difficult situations, and mainly learn how to use food for its original purpose - nourishment, satisfaction and pleasure. 

Self Paced ​

Healing from emotional eating is a journey that is individual for one and each of us.  This is the reason why Free from Emotional eating has been created as a self-study course allowing you to go through each lesson at your own pace.

Even tho your journey will be unique to others, you wil not be walking it alone.

Email Support

There will be times when you need someone to talk to or just ask a question and that's where TWO weeks of email support comes in handy.

Lesson 3

Healing Emotional Eating

There are three main paths to learning to cope with your feelings without using food.


  • Self-Care, nurturance and compassion.

  • Learning to sit with your feelings

  • Helpful distraction

In this lesson we will start healing your body and mind.

Lesson 4

Learning to sit with your feelings

Why you want to keep eating despite you are not hungry? 

Why we need to take time out, take it one little task by another and learn to say no when we had enough.


Let's start by building your emotional muscle.

Lesson 5

Prevention of Emotional Eating

Up to this point, you have been dealing with triggers to emotional eating. Now let's explore ways to help lower your risk of emotional eating during vulnerable times such as potentially stressful social interaction. This will keep you from being caught off guard.


Course only

$47.00 NZD

75% OFF before 31.10.21


$197.00 NZD*

Course + Consult

$177.00 NZD

$333.00 NZD*


This is not a follows these rules type of courses and you will never eat emotionally again. These simply do not work, or at least not long enough to make any difference when you need it the most.

What you CAN expect from this mini-course is to look deep into your own soul and find a true reason for what is causing you to stress or emotionally eat and create a gateway from rigid rules and judgement towards healing with kindness and compassion.

I have based this course on years of work with women that struggled with all sorts of emotional or disordered eating and practices that actually made a difference to them. Also on the wonderful lifetime work of Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, founders of Intuitive Eating. 

Each step of this course is designed to give you answers and a new perspective to look at your problem so that you can make a shift that will make a lifelong difference between you, your body and food.

I have put together this course in form of short recordings introducing you to the specific topic and giving you insights that wil be valuable and relatable to your own case. In each lesson, you wil be guided through a sequence of journaling that has been designed to help you find the answers within yourself rather than rely on external rules and guidance. Because no one knows your own body and mind the way you do. 

Save yourself time, money and a lot of pain by doing what really makes a difference and helped thousands of women all over the world. 


How long will it take to complete this course?

As long as it needs too.
This course is self-paced for two reasons: we all learn in a different way, and most importantly, healing from emotional eating is an individual journey, and for some of us might take longer than others. Nevertheless, none of the lessons will take you more than 30min including journaling and recommended practices.
You will find that some parts of this course might need more time than others, and with lifelong access, you can come back as many times as needed.

What is included in the Two week support?

Each participant of this self-study course has unlimited access to email support for the whole two weeks from the day of purchase. In these weeks, you may ask for individual support and guidance to help you break through or find a pathway when you might seem lost or overwhelmed.
Email your questions to hello@veraprazak.com RE: Mini course support, and you will recieve an answer within the next 48h or in case of the weekend the next working day.

How can I use the 50 min private consultation?

During your private session, we will focus on how to move you forward and help you to make peace with food and your body.
The character of this consultation will vary depending on your current problems, but essentially it is all about you and your needs.
This is not an initial consultation but rather a session focused on helping you with a specific problem or desire.
You may use this session within three weeks of purchasing the program, and Vera will contact you to schedule the most suitable date and time.