Hi, I am Vera

You were born to live not to survive.

My passion is to show women way out of the vicious cycle of dieting and binge eating, where they feel trapped in their own body, so that can live a life of their dreams and nothing less. 

More than 12 years of expertise in intuitive eating, mind & body connection and natural ways how to nourish the body in times of stress and time-deprivation led me to believe that there is no ONE way to eat for all of us, therefore my coaching is always tailored to YOUR needs.

In past, I helped hundreds of women to walk on the pathway of Food Freedom. To eat to nourish and to heal, not to punish and fear.  

If you are ready to change your past, I've got your back.


I am Qualified Health Care Provider

Vera Prazak BSc, The Holistic Nutritionist, Mind-Body Life coach

Vera holds a Bachelor’s degree in Regeneration and Nutrition in sport from Masaryk University  But she says that the real transformation came in 2009 when she graduated and started her practise as a Nutrition therapist for women and men suffering from Eating Disorders.

Alongside her private nutrition practise she helped to spread the world of Whole food nutrition and Food Freedom as a lecturer at Nutrition workshops for corporate& private groups, as well as ran Healthy Eating hands-on programs and Weekend Healthy Cooking classes.

Vera Prazak

holistic nutritionist

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