Hi  there

I am Vera...

I used to be on a hunt for the perfect diet for years. As being health conscious I avoided or limited all the unhealthy or bad food, ate lots of veggies,barely drunk any alcohol or coffee, didn't eat gluten or dairy and at one point almost became vegetarian. I truly believed that making good choices will make me more healthy and better looking.

Guess what. It didn't go as smoothly as I planned.
The more I cut out, the worse my physical and mental health got. 

But because I was like you, deep in the "healthy lifestyle wave", I though I am just not doing enough. 

I got more rigid, controlled every bite just to end up losing it and ate everything that came under my nose. 

Well, the problem was that I was trying to control my body so much that I totally missed on all the messages it was sending me until it stopped. My anxiety was getting worse, I was putting on weight despite trying hard and I lost motivation to cook or to exercise. I burned out. Physicaly and mentally. 

So how I got to where I am now? Happy, healthy and in body I can call proudly my home?

Where I eat everything I feel like and not restrict anything intentionally and yet my body weight is stable? How did I lose my pregnancy weight and got even stronger without being on a post-partum diet?

I learned to listen for my body cues. I stopped using food as a coping mechanism or distraction and I gave myself unconditional permission to eat, anything, any time, all the time. 

What happen after I allowed myself to eat all the previously forbidden food and all food groups? 
Well, I didn't ended up fat as I was so afraid it would happen.

My weight went up, then down and now, except my pregnancy, is stable in range where I feel the best. My hormones have balanced so my pregnancy and post partum recovery was easy going and I feel energised and happy despite several months of broken and very limited sleep. I have the energy to be present with my daughter and to take a long walks with our dog. My mind is calm and I feel at ease and positive. One of the best things is that food is no longer on my mind, at all the time and my life got such simpler, because decisions about what, when and how much to eat are easy and fast solving. 

I wish that I wouldn't have to find the hard way, but I guess, at least I can help you to set yourlsef free and live the life that you truly deserve.

Vera Prazak BSc, Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Vera holds a degree in Human Nutrition and specialises in Intuitive Eating for Women.

Since 2009 she is helping women make peace with food and create true freedom in their eating and life.

Vera combines Intuitive Eating Philosophy with evidence-based nutrition to help women tap into their inner guidance, balance their hormones and reach their natural weight range.

She believes to make changes that truly last you need support that doesn't stop when the door closes. That's why her private mentorship includes support between sessions so that her clients feel safe, guided and supported on daily basis.

"It's not the session where changes are made, it's the day-to-day life situation where you are all alone with your thoughts making you feel overwhelmed or lost. That's where my support is needed the most."

How can Vera help you?

Intuitive Eating for Women - Stop Emotional and Binge Eating and reach your natural weight range.

Women's hormonal health (Hormonal balancing, Menstrual cycle, Endometriosis, Pregnancy and Postpartum)

Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety