Hi  there

I am Vera...

The moment I become a mum everything changed. 
I was no longer the number one person to take care of, I was the last one. 

Even the laundry took higher priority than exercise, yoga or meal prepping for me. Of course, my little one had always food prepared. 

Count in the pressure of wearing many hats in my business and being heavily sleep-deprived. 

I was a wreck. 

My body was a wreck. 

I knew exactly what I should be eating, how much to eat and how to move, I knew I need more sleep, but that ain't happening any soon and that chocolate seems more appealing than green smoothie, sorry not sorry. 

Day by day I felt worse, I felt trapped inside of my body that betrayed me, that is broken and that feel foreign to me. I couldn't even look at myself in a mirror. 

And with those feelings and thoughts no wonder that I didn't feel particularly motivated to 'do something' about it. I sulk in my emotions, I ate anything and I did't take care of myself. 

Why does self-care feel so hard? 

Because I thought that in order to make a difference I must try everything and do everything. 


The moment I switched off the little devil voice that was constantly in my head telling me what more I should do and just gave myself permission to do the bare minimum for myself, with an aim to help myself to feel better my life changed. 

One day by day I started to feel better. 

I no longer felt like a failure. 

I was able to choose foods that actually made me feel better, didn't feel the always present guilt for not making the good choice when I just needed chocolate and holy guacamole, my mind was so much calmer. 

I was no longer a prisoner of food, exercise and empty promises to start again on Monday.

My teaching is exactly this; learn to do what's best for you today and trust your body to guide you to live in a healthy body to create a joyful and healthful life. Minimum self-care is the key.

Let me help you start today. 

With Love Vera

Vera Prazak BSc, Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Vera help mums find peace with food and learn to trust and love their bodies so they feel vibrant and powerful showing up in their professional life, comfortable and loved in their relationship and confident in raising happy healthy eaters.

Graduated from Masaryk University in 2009 majoring in human nutrition and specialising in eating disorders.

In 2021 Vera become a certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor to help our generation leave editing behind and to live a healthful life. 

She believes to make changes that truly last you need support that doesn't stop when the door closes. That's why her private mentorship includes support between sessions so that her clients feel safe, guided and supported on daily basis.

"It's not the session where changes are made, it's the day-to-day life situation where you are all alone with your thoughts making you feel overwhelmed or lost. That's where my support is needed the most."

How can Vera help you?

Intuitive Eating for Women - Stop Emotional and Binge Eating and reach your natural weight range.

Women's hormonal health (Hormonal balancing, Menstrual cycle, Endometriosis, Pregnancy and Postpartum)

Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety