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Find the lost love

Release the pressure and fear that has been holding you down for years.

Restore the powerful connection with your body. Feel her voice and learn to fly.

Listen for the answers you have been looking for to feel empowered and grounded by taking back control over your life.

Fall in love with your inner self. 

Intuitive Virtual  Retreat

99% of our problems are caused by living in our heads and ignoring our body cues.

We live by external rules & chasing the dreams of others trying to fit in. 

Torn apart from our body sensations and feeling confused about what's best for us.

Too afraid to let go of the control that is making us powerless.

Drifting further apart, feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Longing for a simple life. 


Intuitive Virtual Retreat that will help you connect back to your inner wisdom to find peace and long lost love for your body.

Let her speak to you

Restore the most sacred connection you have been given by birth and find relief in answers you will start to receive. 

Feel grounded and safe in your body knowing she has your back all the time. 

Release the pressure that has been building inside of you and leaving you living in fear of the future. 

The compassion you will experience during and after our retreat will leave you filled with love and gratitude for your body. 

You will never feel so empowered to take back control over your life and do what makes you feel good. 

You and your body will become one again finding a flow and pleasure from living here and now.


Bringing your wandering mind back to the moment, filling your body with life energy. Meeting in stillness and grounding ourselves to perceive and to receive. 
Together we shall embark on the most beautiful journey of self-discovery with a restorative breathing exercise.

Let her speak

The most powerful connection in your body is the one between your gut and your brain. As we feel our emotions in our body our body sends signals to our head so we can feel its needs and desires. We will attune ourselves with interoceptive awareness and open our mind to recieve what our body has to say. 

Feeling your hunger

The most feared and the most suppressed feeling in our body, yet the one that is the essence of the highest quality of our life. Listening for our hunger signals and trusting our body's guidance is the most intimate connection you can ever build with yourself that will lead you without a doubt to pleasure, happiness and health. 

Emotional Eating

Eating and Emotions are linked together closely throughout our whole life. If it comes to celebrations, family gatherings, vacations, love or grief. Food has been helping us to connect and also to distract or soothe. Emotional eating is not a problem, the problem starts when food has become our only way to cope with emotions. We will learn how to cope with your emotions with kindness rather than using food. 

What did Women say about Retreat?

Nerida has been able to recognise, feel into and release the trauma that has been constricting her for past several years.

Kelsie had found a powerful connection to her inner child leaving her speechless and feeling deep compassion for her own body she never experienced before in her life...

Juanita said that she cannot wait to watch it again and again as this was just the most amazing grounding and relaxing experience.

JoAnna's takeaway made me cry as she recognised, that she abandoned her inner child and must be here for her as she is the only thing she has left. Feeling connection and long lost trust and compassion for herself. 

And so many more beautiful transformations...

The retreat has been truly a  Rebirth for many. 


Fill your cup first to give to others. Let's explore how we can nurture ourselves despite we have no time on our hands. 

Make peace with food

Slowed metabolism, stress, hormonal imbalance and anxiety are just a few ways how restrictive mindset around food negatively affect our body and life. Let your body guide you to satisfaction and take away the pressure and fear dieting can leave inside of you. Rediscover the pleasure from eating.

Intuitive Movement

What of movement would have no effect on the shape or weight of your body. How would you move? Let go of those must's and should's and feel good in our body. Feel the bliss from mindful movement. Move for fun and joy.

Grounding Relaxation

Before we step back into our body lives full of demands from others, let's sit in stillness for a moment. Feel into your body. Let the grounding energy centre you with goals that are aligned with your life and those that leave you feeling empowered rather than powerless. Feel her voice and fall in love with yourself again. 
Ticket Retreat

For all women who...

...are stressed out and tired.

...just want to be with themselves and relax.

...are seeking for guidance to connect back to their body.

...feel overwhelmed and giving up on their dream. Please don't.

...are always here for others and rarely for themselves.

...need a reboot, restart or just do something to motivate them to keep going.

...want to know that there is hope and they can let go of the fear and control.

...seeking for answers.


Leaving the worries and the stress of your life behind the closed door and allowing yourself to focus only on your body & mind.  

Sharing the sacred energy of inner wisdom and being guided to the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. 

Alongside other women in your own tranquil space, you will restore the silenced connection to your body. You will build trust in her guidance while setting a path to a life aligned with your heart, soul desires, and core values. 

We will tap into the healing energy of our inner wisdom and let her guide us to become whole again. 

You will be taught how to seek the answers within you rather than rely on external guidance, feeling empowered and confident to know exactly what's best for you and what you need to do to reach your goal. 

Looking into hormonal balance from a perspective of intuitive eating and mindful movement so that your body can heal and become stronger and happier than ever before. Making simple, subtle shifts rather than starting all over again. 

You will leave our treat feeling grounded, empowered, and confident in knowing what you want that makes you feel the best. 


All positive changes in our life happen from a place of empowerment, not a fear.


  • What if I can’t make a live training or Q&A call?
    Do nt worry, love. All your live trainings and your Q&A calls will be recorded and stored in a private membership group where you can access them any time. They’ll be available 24 hours after a training is live and you can listen at your convenience.
  • What happens after I join the Membership?
    Once you join our Journey to Happiness, Mentorship, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instant access to your two bonuses, The Grow your Inner garden guide and Visualisations for weight loss audio recording. You will be also provided with online direct link to join our closed, private Facebook Community Journey for Happiness, Mentorship with Vera, where all our calls, Q&A session and support will be held. Each month you will recieve an email with your support material, tools, worksheets and any additional information to help you progress.
  • Will I lose weight or reach my ideal body in this program?
    As you have noticed many women on this journey lost weight or changed their body shape. But I have to warn you, this is not a weight loss program. Our emphasis is on getting yoru mind, body and sould in a harmony and teach you how to love and accept your body, so that you can leave the dieting weight loss cycle once forever. Many women find that once your body, mind and sould are communicating and your focus will shift from weight to emotions and overall experience, your weight will start to shift without extra effort. This program doesn't include meal plans, diet recommendations, calorie counting or any other restrictive or dieting practices.
  • How much time do I have to dedicate to this?
    This is solely upto you, love. You will recieve one LIVE training call and 2 additional support Q&A calls each month, so that's about 3h of your time. Any additional time you will spend on your self development will reward you with better results and quicker progress to your goal. I recommend spend in the Membership about 1-2h each week.
  • What if I join and I don’t get results?
    I have supported hundred's of women on their journey to end the struggle with food and body for good, I’ve never seen a woman do this work wholeheartedly and remain unchanged. Journey to Happiness has built in an incredible amount of support to make sure you know how to use the training, and practice the methods so they work in your life. This is not a program of information, but transformation. However if you don’t feel that the practices are working you may cancel your membership at any time. (allow us 10 days to process your request)
  • What's the difference between this and Thrive 2 Shine?
    Thrive 2 Shine is an intensive individual coaching lead by Vera. This is tranformational 16-week journey designed to help you get to your dreamed goal with ease. I recommend to join Thrive 2 Shine if you need an exra help, day-to-day support and individual approach. As part of Thrive 2 Shine you have a full access to this Journey to Happiness Mentorship. If you wish to know more about Thrive 2 Shine book yourself a Free discovery call and set introductory appointment. To book your Free call follow this link: Free discovery Call with Vera
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you may cancel or decide to not continue in our Mentorship program if you wish. Please allow us 10 days to proceed with your request and contact us dirrectly at >>> RE:Membership cancelation.

What else to know...


As part of this retreat, you will receive FEEL HER VOICE HANDBOOK crafted to help you set the right intentions and experience a true REBIRTH during the retreat.

What's included in the copy

Event recording with lifetime access

Handbook to deepen your experience and to guide you, not just through this event.

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