to the membership of your life

I am so happy that I can welcome you in the "Journey to Happiness."


I know, you feel ecstatic but also terrified and trying to make sense of what you have just done. 

Will this be just another wasted time, money and effort? 

Deep down in your soul, you know that this is going to be different.


You are ready to change your life direction from lost to free. 

And I got your back. 


I will teach you everything I do to and even more to live in freedom, happiness, great health and body you simply admire. 


Make sure you are a MEmber of our FACEBOOK community, Journey to Happiness, Mentorship with Vera. JOIN HERE

Here is where everything will happen. 
All your resources, training and lIVE calls will be held, so we can keep things nice and simple. 

The monthly schedule will be uploaded on the 1st of each month and placed under Announcement tab, for your convenience. 

All calls, coaching or Q&A will be recorded and stored in the Facebook group so that you can go back anytime and watch the replay or rewatch the parts you liked the most. 

Each month will be saved in UNITS and that's where your monthly workbooks, prompts, tools and any additional documents to help you progress on your life journey will be found. 

Once you will go through each UNIT mark them as done, so we know how far you are and if you need any additional support. 

Do not worry, everything will be written and reminded to you throughout our time together. 

If you need a support of ask a question contact me directly at hello@veraprazak.com

Vera Prazak

holistic nutritionist

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