Food Freedom RESCUE 3-week Group coaching program.

Enjoy Binge and Guilt-free Holidays this year.

​You are only 3 weeks away from making peace with food and stopping the overeating cycle. 


There are no holidays without food.

Believe me, the last thing you want to do, when there is so much yummy food around is to be on a diet or count calories.

So you usually go all in, because what's the point to trying to be good when you are already on your third eggnog eating all set food and overeat.


The time wasted by feeling guilty after eating your family Christmas pudding.

The money spent on gym memberships and proven diets to get you back in shape in 30 days...

You will never need them again.

These holidays you will eat with peace, you will have control over food and you will enjoy every moment spent with family and friends.


Are you ready to spend your Holidays enjoying yourself rather than feeling like a failure and jumping on the first diet in January to fix it? 

This program is for you if:

Don't know how to make it through the holidays without eating all the food and feeling like a crap

Overeating again and again because what's the point when you already ruined it

Making promises to be good after the Holidays

Jumping on the #JanuaryJumpstart bandwagon and spending hundreds of $$$ on gym memberships, diet shakes, cleanses and fitness trainers, just to binge eat again because it is too hard.

First time ever I am EXCITED about Holidays and all the food that comes with them.

I wished I could lock myself in my room over the whole Holiday season and emerge only when it is all over. 

I would attend all parties and family gatherings feeling so self-conscious about my body that I would barely touch any food there. And on my way home stock up on ALL the Christmas favourites to eat them while no one is watching. This happened at every party. 

I felt sick and I felt like the biggest loser, wishing it will be all over soon.

This year is the FIRST time ever I am excited about the Holidays. I didn't miraculously lose tons of weight to justify having the food I like without feeling like everyone is watching and judging. Now I know that I can eat all the food that everyone else is having, savour it, enjoy it without guilt and stop when I am full. For the first time ever I feel like I can be part of the celebration and join in with the happy spirit. 

For the first time ever I am planning a wellness spa weekend in January, starting after the Holidays, instead of trying to make up for all the food I ate and to shrink my body to socially acceptable standards

First time ever I am excited to eat, to be part of it all and even to try new things without guilt.

Lucy, 35


Food Freedom Rescue


You are supposed to overeat during the Christmas holidays. 
It is absolutely normal and it happens to everyone. 
But it is not normal to feel guilty for having a second cup of eggnog and to binge eat on Christmas cookies when no one is watching.

I gonna say it again, overeating is NORMAL. 

You do not need to choose "Guilt-free" cookies and drink low-calorie eggnog. 
Have a skinny potato salad and rather skip the desert, because you already had ONE Christmas cookie earlier. 

You can eat everything you want, without feeling a single inch of guilt. 
Without losing yourself in a mental prison of self-loathing and body-bashing. 
Without pretending that you are eating clean just to come home and binge until you feel sick, physically and morally. 

You can just eat what feels good, what seems appealing and have the power to say no when you are full. 

Instead of spending your whole January trying to make up for everything you ate and punishing yourself with tasteless meals and hours in a gym you hate, you can live this month in food freedom, peace and enjoy every minute of it the way you like it.

Let these Holidays be cheerful, peaceful and joyful all the way.

If you are scared of what will come and how you will cope, join the Food Freedom Rescue and make peace with food today to have the best Holidays ever and forever.

Nobody should have to go through this alone. 
I created the exact program I WISH I had when I was struggling.


By joining the FOOD FREEDOM RESCUE group program you'll receive:

Food Freedom RESCUE Online Course

Access to a self-paced course that will provide you with the framework to help you stop overeating by reconnecting to your body, learning to respond to its needs and healing your relationship with food. 
The step by step tools to help you stop Overeating and Binging.

Video guides, workbooks and action steps done for you.


Weekly group coaching calls 

Three weekly group coaching calls facilitated by Vera Prazak diving into problematics of the diet mentality, overeating and binging, helping you to heal your relationship with food and find a long lost trust. 

Each call you will leave with clarity on how to overcome any barriers you are facing and action steps to move you forward and grow.

Community; when you need it the most.

You will become a valuable member of our Facebook community. Here you will find inspiration in others recovery journeys, support and accountability. 

This community is here for you to connect, create friendships, ask questions, share your wins and get support from Vera and others when things might be hard. 

We are in this together.

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BONUS 1: Free From Emotiona Eating COURSE

Learn to cope with emotions without using food. 

A 5-day self-paced interactive mini-course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, understanding your emotional eating triggers, teaching you how to cope in everyday situations and prevent these episodes with simple set of tools. 

BONUS 2: Food Freedom RESCUE cards

Much needed answers to everyday situations of intuitive eater newbie.

All about eating, fullness, hunger, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, movement and body image.

All answered to guide you and help you on your Intuitive eating journey.

Get the whole set of 32 cards including things such as: What shall I do when I crave sweets? What to do when I am not hungry? or How do I know I am full?

Rescue cards (3).jpg

BONUS 3: Feel Good Flash Cards

Sometimes all we need is a bit of reassurance on our way to Food Freedom. These Flashcards are full of body-positive affirmations and mantras helping you on your journey to Food Freedom.

They come in printable electronic version. 

Food Freedom Rescue


During the three weeks, we will cover the fundamental parts of
Diet-free Mindset, Body trust and Intuitive eating


How to break free from diet rules
Resolving your overeating problem
LIVE: Rewriting your diet brain & letting go of food rules


Refuelling your body after dieting
What your body needs for a healthy life

LIVE: Attuning to your body cues and building trust around food


Make peace with food
How to eat mindfully

LIVE: The process of habituation, Intuitive Eating 101


We will start easy, first thing you will learn is how to stop punishing and judging yourself for every decision which goes against your food rules and learn the art of compassion and curiosity.
If making peace with food sounds too hard right now, by the time you will strip down your limiting rules and food beliefs you will be free from dieting and peace with food will come naturaly. 


If you’ve ever felt like you can’t trust your body, you will start to change that relationship with your body from the first day of our program. Body trust begins with learning to listen and also with respect to our individual needs.  You will develop the ability to listen to your body. You wil be able to respond to your body needs, seek satisfaction and rediscover pleasure from eating while also honouring your health and enjoying your life.


The goal of Food Freedom RESCUE is to help you trust yourself around food and stop the overeating cycle. Together we will go through a process of habituation to help you make peace with food and to find a way to enjoy everyday meals without the fear of losing control and overeating. You will see that intuitive eating is more than about the food, that it is a way of living aligned with your desires and your life goals while enjoying the little moments of every day life.

How I see Food Freedom

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past 10 years of my practice is that every diet or lifestyle change backfire if it’s implemented for a purpose of weight loss. Something I knew for a long time but was too scared to see it. Because how else I can control my weight than through controlling my food and exercise. 

It wasn’t until I was fed up with seeing my clients fail. Having them feeling like they failed and when they couldn't follow up on meal plans and exercise recommendations. Driven by my own hormonal healing journey and failed dieting attempts I searched for a new and gentle way how to improve my health and be myself again. How to live full. happy life and stop being afraid of every single bite I take, seeing food as an escape or punishment. 


And my way of helping clients to make peace with food is my answer to the need of finding a true happiness and healthful life without compromises.

Being able to eat without guilt, without making up for bad choices and free of fear from every single bite. While actually seeing my body reach its natural weight, my hormones and health improve and my mind to be calm. 


Food Freedom for Life, my signature program, guides you back into trusting your inner wisdom and intuition rather than following rigid rules and external advice that are often inflexible and unsustainable in the long term. Often the major cause of hormonal imbalance, weight cycling and anxiety leading to deeper physical and mental health problems. 


Food Freedom for Life is based on Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole and science-based nutrition to help you balance and support your health providing you with a unique set of skills entirely based on your current body needs and emotional state so you know what’s best for you at any moment. 


The only flexible and sustainable way to live in a healthy body and mind is to rid yourself of external rules and restrictions, learn to tune into your body cues and needs and react to them with compassion & curiosity. Treating your body and mind with kindness truly creates life-long happiness. 


Food Freedom for Life is helping you deepen and expand your relationship with your body, make peace with food and take back charge of your health with consideration of your current needs.

Food Freedom RESCUE is a bite size program, capturing foundations of Intitive eating helping you to stop overeating.


What would feel like if you would be never on a diet again?
Look at your life right now and imagine what would it look like to achieve food freedom?

Your Investment

Life-time access: Food Freedom RESCUE Online course

Three Weekly coaching calls

Facebook community for in between sessions support

BONUS 1: Free from Emotional Eating course

BONUS 2: Rescue cards

BONUS 3: Feel good Flash cards

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