The Smoothie Bowl GUIDE

There are no two same smoothie bowls. But there are smoothie bowls filled with tons of sugar and then those that I would recommend anyone to freshen up their breakfast routine, afternoon snack or late-night treat.

The reason why I love smoothie bowls besides their amazing appearance, they fill me up and are easy to make.

I don't know how about you, but I feel hungry after having a smoothie. But the smoothie bowl is different.

Smoothie Bowl

What is Smoothie BOWL

Smoothie bowl is a combination of frozen fruit and vegetables creating ice-cream like texture topped with various products as granola, oats, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit or spices.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy smoothie bowl is in its content.

So how do you know what's healthy?

When ordering a smoothie bowl in a cafe, always ask about its content, is it purely fruit topped up with more fruit and some sugar-coated granola? Then you might wanna be careful how many of these you will consume. Even tho they seem healthy, they may contain anywhere between 50-150g of sugar per portion and will leave you craving more sweet food for the rest of the day.

How is that possible? Some smoothie bowls contain of 2 or more cups of frozen fruit, dates, honey or any other sweetener topped with another cup of fruit on the top. This is a sugar bomb to your body, so be vigilant about what goes in.

Smoothie Bowl

How to make the right smoothie bowl?

The key ingredients to healthy and balanced smoothie bowl is a ration of fruit to vegetables and included protein and fat. This kind of smoothie bowl still tastes amazing and won't spike up your blood sugar level.

What are the benefits of a smoothie bowl?

  • It's easy and quick to prepare

  • You may use leftover fruit or veggies that would go off (so you, chop them up and chuck them in the freezer for later use)

  • You will sneak in a portion of vegetables into a sweet meal

  • You will be satisfied and feel full for several hours

  • You will have access to many vital nutrients from the get-go of your day

  • Your blood sugar level, energy and focus will be stable throughout a day

  • You will help your body to detox, clean and nourish.

  • And you can literally make it out of any combination of products.

Assembling your Smoothie bowl

In fact, there are no limits on what to use in your smoothie bowl. what works for me is throwing in what's available and trying new flavours and spices.

But there is a rule you should follow to create the bowl that is nutritionally balanced and serve its purpose of the meal.  

Start with veggies

You will need frozen veggies to complete this step.

So if you have no suitable veggies in the freezer just chuck some in now and you will be ready for tomorrow.

You wanna use about 1,5-2 cups of frozen veggies per bowl.

These veggies work the best for me as they are not overpowering.

  • Frozen Zucchini

  • Frozen Cauliflower

  • Frozen Cucumber

  • Frozen Spinach (I usually go half spinach and half something else)

Add your frozen fruit.

here is where the fun begins.

Whatever you have in a freezer will do. Frozen banana, apple, pineapple, berries, mango, dragonfruit, acai or combination of all of these. It's fun to try them out and see what's your favourite.