The Calorie counting is OUT. There is a better way to lose weight.

You would have heard the saying, “Calories in, calories out”. This concept is based on the fact that a person can manage their weight simply on burning more calories than they consumed in one day.

For decades we have been fixated on hunt for the perfect amount of calories to be consumed. We have surrounded ourselves with devices telling us how many calories we have burned in that day or particular workout. They tell us how well we slept and how rested we are. Yet, we are still far away from our weight-loss goal, sometimes even further than a year ago.

4 signs that you are eating too little

The truth is we are not robots. Our bodies don’t burn the same amount of calories on a daily basis, and not all calories we consume are created equally. The amount of calories we need daily depends on how well we are rested, how much stress we have, what food we consume, in which form, our overall health, our age, our work, daily activity, the season and weather and way, way more.

Calorie counting became a big hit in the 90's mainly because big corporate companies found easy ways to control and manage a big mass of individuals and had them do exactly what they needed.

How many times have you bought a product which was advertised as “low calorie” or “fat burning” or “weight loss friendly”?

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What’s the better way, you ask? I cannot just eat what I want! If you haven’t been able to manage such a simple thing as calorie counting, how can you trust your body to eat what it wants and lose weight? Simply.

Turn your focus from anything that has been artificially prepared, chemically enhanced, preserved in ways you cannot even pronounce or has a long shelf life despite it’s origin.

Your body is equipped with a self-regulatory system. This is the mystery GUT-BRAIN connection, which we have not been using or forget how to use in past years. It’s telling you when you are hungry, when you are full and what food your body wants/needs which you call the cravings. But be vigilant about the difference of emotional and physical craving. You can find more about this in my free private Facebook group Eating for Happiness - link below.

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Your body is capable of recognising calorie value of food therefore it knows how much we should eat at one time when it's introduced in its natural form. Our body is not equipped to recognise highly processed food and / or chemicals.

Transition between calorie counting and Intuitive eating can be very scary but is the most rewarding feeling my clients and I have experienced. When you allow your body to take control, it will do everything in its power to lead you to a healthy and fit body, because this is its natural need.

Find out more about Emotional cravings and how to deal with them and more about Intuitive eating in my Free Facebook Group Eating for Happiness

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