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Kale Chips

Chips cravings? Yup we all been there, but what now if you wanna stay in shape or following Keto diet program. These Kale chips take about 10 min to make and need only 3 ingrediets. The only downside is that once you start eating them you cannot stop.

Kale Chips Raw

Alright. I was sceptical about the whole KALE CHIPS thing too. I always claimed that if you want chips, then go on and have a chips, but enjoy them on occasions and in moderation. So I never really gave these Green chips even a chance. But today I was standing above my overgrown patch of Kale and thinking: "What the heck I will even do with all this curly kale?"

Yup, I had a few ideas: Salad, pesto, smoothies, hummus, give it to friends or include a buch of kale with my Transformation Nutrition program? But how much kale can someone actually eat? I am sure not that much as i have growing in my garden now.

So I though that i will give a try to these Green Kale chips and see how much kale I can one eat in a day..

Kale Chips baked

I must say, I was suprised how easy, quick and convenient was to make them and how much kale I actualy used per one batch. And also while I am writing this recipe i have eaten almost whole bowl of these Green Chips, which is bout 6 large leaves. I feel full, but not greesy and slugish like after eating whole bowl of chips...

So the last thing I say would be: " Give them a go, they are quick and easy to make and taste better than they look. And also you will increase your greens intake, which is always positive thing."


Kale Chips


6 Medium size Curly Kale leaves 1 tbps olive oil / coconut oil melted 1/4 - 1/2 tsp sea salt baking paper Method: Wash & dry the kale leaves. Chopp up Kale leaves into bite size portions - about 3x3cm. Massage olive oil into kale leaves so it's evenly covered. Add salt. Spread onto baking tray lined with baking paper.

Bake on low heat (130°C) for about 10 min. Watch the leaves and take them out before they wtart turning brown.

Let cool down, eat and repeat.

Kale Chips

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