Is your body trustworthy?

Take a deep breath, maybe even sit down and answer this question; “Do you trust your body in any situation?”

I will bet my chocolate stash on it, that 80% of you said NO.

Shouldn't the trust in our body be non-negotiable? Something that comes naturally?

So why do we feel stressed and anxious if we let our body do whatever it wants? The answer is fear. We are afraid that if we let our body take the lead, we will lose control and never gain it back.

But looking at the massive evidence in your past, over controlling and micromanaging your diet and body always led to failure and binge.

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Our bodies have an unlimited amount of guidance and wisdom, they know what to do at any given situation. How many times your body saved you by the instinctive act?

Here is where you trust your body unconditionally. When we grow, when we hurt ourselves, break a leg or bruise on our arm. As women when we are bringing a new life into the world.

We trust our body unconditionally with our life, so why is it so hard to trust it when it comes to food and nutrition?

The logic usually stands in our way. We follow many advice from the outer world which takes away the inner wisdom and guidance. We follow rules, plans or diets but we forget to do the most important thing, to check with our body how does it feel, blindly believing in the new order.

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What you can do?


You need to let go of the control to trust and listen to your body again. To find the best possible diet, to finally step out of the cycle of dieting & binge eating, to live in total freedom.

Freedom is not a free card to eat any junk food out there but it’s the ability to choose what’s best for you at any given moment.

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I would love to invite you to step into the process of Food Freedom and trust your body unconditionally to prevent uncontrollable weight gain, health problems, anxiety and stress.

The FREE 5-days to Food Freedom challenge is here for you if you are ready to stop using food as a drug or escape, join me and many other women on their life journey.

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