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HERBS for Women's health

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The power of nature is endless.

How often do you turn to nature for pain relief? To help with digestive discomfort or to help you balance your women's hormones?

We have been told how to use western medicine, so now it's time to be taught how nature can aid your health and support your women's health.

The Moon cycle remedies

If we would only be explained more about our body before we are prescribed THE PILL, we would understand that period is not meant to be suffered through, it's not meant to be heavy, full of pain and discomfort. A period is a celebration of our body going through another cycle of the moon and also a way how to start fresh all over again.

I learned only in my late 20's that we can ease our period symptoms with natural remedies and support our hormonal balance with herbs and plants.

Here are my favourite picks I would recommend use to any women. Yes even after you went through menopause.


Eases period exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness by nourishing the body with b vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A

Red raspberry leaf

Remedies period cramps by helping to tone and tighten the pelvic muscles and uterus walls

Rose petals

Increases radiance, vitality, and libido by awakening our feminine energy


Supports low hormone levels by gently encouraging progesterone production

Cramp Bark

Eases period cramping and remedies PMS


Reduces period pain by calming inflammation

Dandelion root

Alleviates PMS symptoms by supporting liver detoxification


Remedies bloating by flushing water retention and promoting kidney health

Red Clover Blossom

Naturally raises healthy estrogen levels, while eliminating unwanted forms of estrogen


Ease digestion and helps with bloating, increase the production of breast milk and balances progesterone levels

Other ways how to improve your women's health

Nature is the best aid when it comes to rejuvenating your body and releasing some extra weight. It's time to freshen up what you eat and bring in the rainbow.

Aim for eating 5 cups of colourful vegetables and a couple of portions of fruit a day.

Throw away all the packeted food and convenient snacks full of chemicals and refined sugar.

Each plate should consist of at least half of the veggies or fruit.

Benefits of nutrients drawn directly from whole foods are magickal to your skin and will leave you feeling fabulous and lighter in just a few weeks.

PS: I also encourage you to explore what plants grow wild in your area! And as always, I recommend consulting with a herbalist or qualified healthcare practitioner.


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