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Ceremonial Cacao

What is Ceremonial Cacao and why it can help you balance your hormones and relief anxiety?

When I first came across of ceremonial cacao, I have thought it is a cup of cocoa drunk with intentions. I was like, huh? Ok, that sounds good but probably not my cup of "cocoa". But this didn't stop me. I knew there must be more to it, than just a normal cup of cacao drunk in a meditative kind of way, there must be more. And there was.

So what is ceremonial cacao, why is it good for your body and how it can help you relieve anxiety.

Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial grade cacao is made from whole bean, organic cacao.

These beans undergo a fermentation process necessary for cultivating their flavour profile and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then roasted at low temperatures, cracked, and stone-ground by traditional means forming a paste, that will harden up once cold and set.

Ceremonial cacao is NEVER tempered.