5 tips on how to lose 5kg in 5 weeks without dieting...

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

You just walked past the mirror and couldn’t NOT notice those few extra kilos you have gained over the lockdown period. Thank god it’s winter. So no skirts or shorts for a few months yet.

But you know what they say:” Summer bodies are formed in winter.”

What’s the best way to lose 5kg in a short period of time and keep it off, till the summer comes?

4 signs that you are eating too little


Tempting, just follow another meal plan, restriction or buy the chocolate flavoured shake and your weight will fall off.

The problem starts when you will go back to your “normal” routine.

Noone can be on a restrictive diet for months nor years.

So diet is a quick fix to your problems but it will cause you to put on even more you lost and make it hared next time you try.

Think outside of the box and you will be surprised how easy it is to lose weight without dieting.

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What does that mean?

Think of you as the woman who you wanna become.

How does she feel? How does she look and what does she do and eat?

And become her.

Conscious eating is to choose food that supports your body, your mind but also you enjoy and see yourself doing for long periods of time. If your future version eats pizza and fries, you might struggle to lose weight permanently.

Follow the golden rule to have a portion of fruit or vegetables with each meal.

Choose whole foods over pre-packed and processed and eat when you are hungry, not bored.

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Drink water.

Still, sparkling water, with squeezed lemon, natural cordial or in form or non-caffeinated tea. Hydration is almost 50% of weight loss success.

If you are coffee drinker, think before you pour yourself a coffee first thing in the morning and opt-in for a hydrating drink first.

Your body is dehydrated after a long night of sleep and needs hydration to keep your body going.

You will be surprised how much more energy you will have in the morning by drinking water first.


You set yourself a goal.

Think again, do you really want to eat a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and veggie bowl for dinner for the rest of your life?

Probably not. So think again.

What foods you love that makes you feel happy, is it a scone, is it chocolate is it a baked potato?

Include them in your diet in small amounts throughout the week, so that you won’t feel restricted and feel the need to binge on them once in a while. What we restrict we generally binge on later on.


Well, you are on a diet, so how you can reward yourself without ruining your effort?

What are other options you can reward yourself which don’t include food?

For each milestone plan a reward - go to the cinema, visit a spa, get a manicure,... make it special, make it about you?

Most people won’t notice the change you are going through, especially at the beginning, so learn to celebrate in your own way.

One extra tip is to share your goal and effort with someone close to you, it will make it more real and keep you accountable.

Another great way how to keep yourself motivated and pull through tough times is to join a group of like-minded women who walk the same journey as you.

The Unstoppable, 5-week online academy for women who wants to feel incredible in their body and create life without restirctions and rules. The doors are now open.

Find out more here https://www.veraprazak.com/unstoppable

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