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3 signs showing that you need to change your diet.

You have finally started the diet and see some results, but you are experiencing a few “side effects” on the go.

What are the 3 most common things, that you should pay attention to when going on a diet?

4 signs that you are eating too little

1. Your sleep is disturbed.

About 80% of new diets have an emphasis on cutting sugar and carbohydrates out of your diet. It might sound like a good idea, especially if you are reaching out for sweets every time you are tired or bored.

But limiting carbohydrates from the diet can cause disruptions in your sleep.

Complex carbohydrates help women to create stable blood sugar level, so needed for regulation of our hormones, even throughout the night.

Therefore adding a portion of complex carbohydrates at the night meal might be a great way to give yourself a good night of sleep and more energy into the next day.

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2. You are hungry.

Must hunger be part of our daily routine, especially when losing weight? No.

When you feel constant hunger and you never allow your body to fuel until is satisfied, it will switch into survival mode and decrease the fat burning phase.

That’s why you got on this diet in the first place, isn’t it?

When your body is hungry it searches for the easiest energy source, sugar, stored in your big muscles. To get to it, we need to break down the muscle tissue you worked so hard for in a gym. That causes the well-known yo-yo effect in a first-place.

The only way how to lose weight without yo-yo-ing is to eat when you are hungry.

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3. You are saying NO too often.

Are you a foodie?

I am, that’s why I can never stick to a restricted diet.

We all have our favourite foods we have to give up in order to lose weight, but with restriction always comes a binge.

That’s the time when you lose it. If you say NO to foods that you like too much, foods as carbs, dairy, meat, home-baked low sugar cake, quality chocolate, fruit etc.., they will always be on the back of your mind and once you will give in, you won’t have the willpower to stop. Leading into uncontrollable eating.

Now, how can you lose that weight?

Focus on nourishing your body, rather than restricting it. Choose whole foods instead of processed and eat when you are hungry to prevent binge or overeat.

If you wanna know more, join my Free Facebook Community Eating for Happiness, where I teach women how to have the body of their dreams without dieting and restrictions.

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