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Super Greens Pesto

This supergreens pesto is so so easy to whip up and so packed with nutrients that you have to give it a go.

The ways how to use it are limitles and it's a cheap, nutritious and fast meal that is super tasty! Try it as a sandwich spread, an awesome addition to quiches, frittatas and scrambled eggs, as a topping for pizza or even a dipping sauce for sweet potato chips! The list goes on!

Now as for the 'super' greens part, you can make it 'super' green in flavour by using a strong flavoured herb like basil, you can make it 'super' green in colour by using spinach or 'super' green by not wasting any of your left over bits of leafy greens in your fridge. Or use a combination of the above to make a super supergreen pesto! I love using a mixture of basil, parsley, peppery rocket and spinach & kale which is great for digestion. You could also use beetroot leaves, the tops off radishes, silverbeet, sage, sprouts, peas, beans - anything!



1 tightly packed cup of greens (I used equal parts of Basil, Kale, Spinach & Peas) 1 handful of cashew nuts 1 tsp sea salt Juice of one lemon

1 clove of garlic 1/2 cup water ( I like to make it lighter on calories by reolacing some oil with water) 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Method: Place nuts, garlic & oil, into a food processor and pulse until paste like consistency. Add greens, salt, lemon juice and and blend until greens are finely chopped. Turn the processor back on, and slowly pour in water until the pesto is to a consistency you're happy with! (I normally use about 1/2 water) Place into a sterilised jar and store in the fridge.


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