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Beetroot chilli

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Everyone loves a good chilli. This traditional Texan comfort food (I belive the origin is in Spain, but chilli become famous later in US) has ben around for centuries and I have seen many its variations. Turning otherwise tasteless ingredients into a delicious meal through a delightful combination of spices and slow-cooking this is the true spirit of chilli.

There are thousands of recipes for the best chilli and every ambitious cook will claim their chilli is THE BEST. Thousands of chefs = thousands of flavours.

Well, I won’t say my chilli is the best. Honestly i had amazing chilli few years back cooked by my Ohio-born friend and I am trying to duplicate this dish since.

This Plant based Beetroot chilli recipe is light, earthy twist to Chilli con carne, using grated beetroot as a substitution for mince meat. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

When i wrote this recipe I really wanted to created something heart warming, something comforting, nutritious but light and healthy. Many of you will say that chilli without the “carne” is not real chilli. I won’t disagree, I am not vegetarian but I love vegetarian food. In such food you will truly appreciate the taste of Nature and enjoy every bit of flavour and texture given by plants and legumes.