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Thrive to Shine

Break your cycle to experience food freedom... 

Feel the empowering energy...

Unleash your potential...

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45min Complimentary Nutrition coaching call to set you up for your journey becoming the happiest, healthiest and most energized version of yourself.


3 or 6 months private

Transformational nutrition coaching

Break the cycle, unleash your energy, conquer your fear.

1:1 Private choaching

Embrace the change. 

12-week transformational program design to take you step by step in the next level of your health. Ditch the diet, eat to live!

Thrive to Shine

"Improving your nutrition today is preventative medicine for you and your family. Great energy levels come from optimum nutrition and allow you to get the most from your day."


Workshops & Seminars


Other services provided by Vera Nutrition clinic


Nutrition seminars

Vera can put together a small and practical seminar designed to help you understand the basics of nutrition and give you knowledge and understanding to improve your own health, goals and lifestyle through nutrition.

You choose the topic and Vera will do the rest.

Send inquiry for pricing options.


Physical and mental performance demand good nutrition. Vera can offer a range of inspiring and motivating workshops and support programmes to encourage your staff to take ownership of their health, boosting productivity and minimising employee sick days.

Get your staff performing at their best! Vera offers entertaining and interactive workshops to motivate and educate your staff around eating well and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Send inquiry for pricing options.

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