Hey, I am so glad you’re seeking support.
In my private coaching, I guide women who have spent years in diet culture, the restrict/binge cycle, and food obsession move towards a life filled with physical, emotional, and mental freedom around food and their bodies.
I am here to support you every step of the way!

Food Freedom for Life

Why Private Mentorship

1:1 private coaching with me is for you if you’re looking to heal your relationship with food and your body once-and-for-all. I will guide you through my proven method where you will learn how to leave dieting behind, become an intuitive eater, and move forward in creating a healthful life.

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that everything is customized to your needs so you can find food freedom faster!

I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients so I can provide high-touch communication with you. I am currently accepting new clients.

It is for you if...

  • You are ready to say goodbye to dieting forever!

  • You are ready to remove the guilt and enjoy food again!

  • You are ready to create health-promoting behaviours that will impact your health in a positive way!

  • You are ready to live a life of food freedom!

Private mentorship includes

  • Virtual Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions with Vera Prazak, Registered Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating counsellor

  • 24/7 suport between sessions

  • Access to a private client portal with online video training, extensive food freedom workbook, nutrition guides, and more

  • Individualized guidance and tailor-made resources

Working with Vera wasn't a work at all. I knew my life would change but it has exceeded my expectations. Her style of coaching is ablsolyety genius. After a while I've realised that my life is what hasn't been in a long time. All of a sudden I felt connected to my body, I felt compassion and no restrictions holding me back. I have gained such a confidence that every morning when I see myrself in a mirror I have this wonderful feeling that comes from within and love the way I look. 
My life is much easier, I don't have to stress out about eating out, celebtrations or social gatherings, because I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and eat whatever I want without fear it will negatively affect my body or health. 
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How will Private Mentorship help me? 

Do you want to understand your true body needs

Are you done with counting everything, watching every bite and following hundreds of rules that are making your life hard and complicated

Are you exhausted from constant body bashing and feeling not good enough? Comparing yourself to others and wishing you could change? 

Are you putting your life on hold until... you lose that weight or look better?

Are you just making it "through" each day instead of living it? 

Emotional and stress eating is causing you anxiety?


  • Learn how to eat without guilt, fear of every bite and overeating

  • Learn how to read into signals and needs of your body

  • Eat without counting calories, points or constant need of controlling every bite you take. 

  • Be in tune with your own inner guidance - become an intuitive eater. 

  • Find balance and harmony in your eating

  • Eat with pleasure and satisfaction

  • Trust your body and its signals

  • Feel comfortable in your own body

  • Stop eating your emotions

  • Understand how to cope with your emotions without using food

  • Stop living in your head filled with diets, food rules and seeking the "perfect" diet to solve your problems

  • Find time, energy and space for those essential things in your life

  • Live with passion and excitement from every moment

Mentorship & Counselling

I am not here to tell you what, when and how much to eat but to help you release your old programing, heal your fear from eating and help you make peace with food. 

During our bi-weekly sessions, we will focus o what's important right now that would make the biggest positive impact on your health and relationship to food. And on building attunement and trust in your body signals. Because your body is the best guide to you when it comes to eating, moving and healing.

Day to day support

The biggest transformations happen in real life when no one is looking.

The day to day support is here to help when you are the most vulnerable in everyday life. Breaking through your patterns and shifting through layers as they emerge without needing to wait for another in-person session is invaluable to facilitate faster and permanent change. 

The luxury of having me in your pocket when needed the most is what makes this mentorship true to its words = life-changing. 

Tailor - made guidance

Your time and life you are building are of the highest value to me and so spending hours watching content or doing homework is not to your highest service. But some steps of your healing journey will require deeper understanding or guided exercise to help you move forward. That's where you will be recommended additional resources and provided with personalised journaling prompts to deepen your relationship to the body or shift through some problems we uncover on our way.

The diet "afterlife"...

The truth is that you have been "on a diet" for so long that it is impossible for you even to imagine how will this "diet afterlife" look like.

Let me give you a glimpse of your future life. 

Remember that friend who always looks great? That friend who is always happy and in for everything new. That friend who is barely stressed and seems to handle "life" well? Who can eat EVERYTHING, and no matter HOW MUCH she eats, it doesn't seem to hurt her figure? That friend you think must be lucky to have great genes, fast metabolism or some special ability to burn fat like firewood. 


Because I was you before... 

Before I build a long lost trust in my body. Before I understood what my body needs and what it has been trying to tell me all along. 

I was so jealous of every "good looking " friend, wishing that I would know her secret. 

And you know what, they didn't have a secret at all. 

They know how to tune into their body signals, and that gave them a free hand in eating and movement. 

I have seen these women eat huge piles of fries and pizza, finishing up with chocolate cake, and never seen them in a gym, yet they never dieted. I have seen them leaving half-eaten burger without a blink of an eye. I have seen them choosing food simply for what makes them feel good without counting calories or macros. And I have never seen them obsess about food or figure. 

And now, this is me.

I am that "annoying" friend who can do all these above and never feel out of control. 

I don't have a secret diet or magical pill to eat to burn fat.

I listen to when my body is hungry and give him what makes me feel good and satisfy me. I let go of all the rules and set my mind free to wander about better things than what's next I am allowed to eat and how many calories I have left for the day. I stop when I full and do not have to think about food until I am hungry again. I haven't been to the gym in years, yet my body is firm and strong from the movement I do, making me feel good and happy. I love m,y body, and my body loves me. 

My anxiety has disappeared, and even after almost a year of broken sleep, early wakes and no downtime, I am not stressed, and I am handling everything well. 

There is no secret. 

There is no "proven way how to lose weight and be happy". 

There is only coming back to the roots and build a connection and trust with your body. 

Then your life can expand beyond your imagination, and everything you wanted to do or have will become a reality.

You deserve this freedom too. 
You worked so hard to get where you are now, so now it's time to turn that page and instead of living in your head, learn to live in your body. 

What's the works thing that could happen? 


With love

Vera Prazak


Why would I need Private Mentorship isn't one session enough?

We are dealing here with years of deep programming around food and body that you have been collecting throughout the past 5, 10, 20, or so years. So to make changes that are not superficial and will help you to perceive food from a different perspective while finding the best way how to take care of your health takes more than 60 min.
After the Initial assessment, Vera will provide you with a proffesional outlook on what steps need to be made and where the focus of our counselling sessions will be. We will create irreversible changes that align with your life and provide you with options and tools rather than plans and rules.

Nevertheless, if you are only after consultation on a specific dietary or health-related problem, you may opt-in for the Initial consultation.

How long we need to work together for me to make progress?

Yes! My qualification as a registered nutritionist will help me navigate you through various medical conditions or special dietary needs: coeliac disease, IBS/gut health, PCOS, and high cholesterol. I apply a Gentle Nutrition approach to our work, meaning you will never be reinforced into rigid food rules, but rather think about how we can add in, rather than take away from your diet (where possible). I take an evidence-based approach, meaning that my counselling is up to date with the latest scientific evidence and incorporating the latest emerging approaches into the clinical practice.

What if I won't see any changes?

Vera's counselling model is designed to help you shift your mindset and help you find food freedom. There is almost zero possibility that you will not notice any changes in your relationship to food or around eating.
We are not "result" focused. The majority of the changes happens inside of your mind and some on your body.

What's covered in consultations?

As a Registered nutritionist, Mind-body coach, Certified Intuitive Eating counsellor and Personal trainer, my approach is holistic and will provide you with a deep connection to your own body and help you create a life that flows.
Our sessions will focus on what's challenging for you at the moment and on moving you forward with specific tasks or steps that concentrate on all aspects of your well-being - stress, sleep, hormonal balance, movement, or any other elements that need attention.

What's VOXER and how this support look like in a real life?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app on your phone that allows us to communicate daily in written or audio form.
I like to use VOXER as all conversations are secured and happening outside of the usual "messenger" noise, allowing me to be aware of new upcoming messages with the highest priority.
Your day-to-day support will be provided through the VOXER.
Here you can ask any additional in-between session questions, share your thoughts and challenges. Here you will also recieve extra prompts or guidance when needed. If everything goes smoothly, I like to "check-in" on all my private clients at least once a week to see where you currently are and to cheer you up for doing so great.

Will I have access to your programs?

Yes, you will have unlimited access to all materials and supporting documents to help you with your current problems and challenges if required for the time of our counselling.
Although I like to keep my client's head clean and focused on body attunement rather than watching hours of content, I handpick training and worksheets related to your current state and to help you move through some complex parts of the food freedom journey.
You will have access to these for a lifetime.

Is there a Payment plan?

YES. I offer flexible payment plan options which will be discused with you on our Initial consultation if we decide to work together. You may also reach out directly to Vera for more information. hello@veraprazak.com

Will this help me to lose weight?

A significant body of research proves that 95% of intentional weight loss leads to weight cycling, health & mental problems. As a practitioner who cares deeply about your health and the quality of your life will ask you to put weight loss on the back burner for a while and let your body do the work.
Intuitive eating is about connecting to your body needs and learning to eat for physical rather than emotional reasons. Being attuned to your hunger and fullness cues will cause your eating to be more relaxed and balanced, and you will less likely overeat or binge eat.
Although weight loss is not a focus of this counselling, your body will undoubtedly reach its natural weight range when it feels safe to do so.

What's the investment for Private Coaching?

Private coaching with Vera starts at $797 NZD per month for biweekly sessions. In addition to our sessions, you will receive access to all of my private online courses and materials, and the option for communication between sessions.