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Your Path to Food Freedom Starts Here


Life Beyong Body Size 


This Mentorship is for you if:



Be Yourself

  • You are ready to say goodbye to dieting forever!

  • You are ready to remove the guilt and enjoy food again!

  • You are ready to create health-promoting behaviours that will impact your health in a positive way!

  • You feel stuck on your Intuitive Eating journey, have trouble listening to your body cues, and feel out of control around food.

  • You are ready for 1:1 individualized care and support to tackle your Intuitive Eating obstacles!

Working with Vera wasn't a work at all. I knew my life would change but it has exceeded my expectations. Her style of coaching is ablsolyety genius. After a while I've realised that my life is what hasn't been in a long time. All of a sudden I felt connected to my body, I felt compassion and no restrictions holding me back. I have gained such a confidence that every morning when I see myrself in a mirror I have this wonderful feeling that comes from within and love the way I look. 
My life is much easier, I don't have to stress out about eating out, celebtrations or social gatherings, because I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and eat whatever I want without fear it will negatively affect my body or health. 

Life Beyond



All-inclusive mentorship to find a complete sense of well-being.

Over the period of 12 weeks you will

  • Let go of guilt & shame around food & your body.

  • Work on uncoupling your self-worth from the size of your body.

  • Process past trauma around food, weight, or your body in a safe space.

  • Foster a greater connection with your body so you can get in touch with your hunger & fullness cues.

  • Learn to pay attention to which foods make you feel best, physically & emotionally.

  • Truly accept that you are not alone in your struggle & that your feelings about food, your body, and dieting are normal & valid.

  • Share your struggles, hurdles, & wins as you move forward in your journey.

  • Learn new coping mechanisms & strategies to replace any unhealthy dependence on food & exercise.

  • Learn to set boundaries for friends & family members who still subscribe to diet culture.


  • 12 weeks of all-inclusive One-One Mentorship led by Vera, Registered Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

  • Initial consultation 75 min to map out jour journey

  • Bi-weekly 45min One-One coaching sessions tailored to your needs

  • Daily support via Voxer App for guidance and immediate feedback

  • Lifetime access to the signature program Food Freedom for Life: the proven method that helped women like you find peace with food, feel safe in their bodies and live their lives to the fullest potential.

  • Payment plans start at $99.00 NZD/week




Why Private Mentorship to find food freedom?

Everywhere you look, you see reminders that big bodies are undesirable and unhealthy. The majority of your friends and family members are most likely on a diet or looking for some way to lose weight. This is because our society puts constant pressure on us to shrink our bodies.


Without intentional mindset work to root out the diet culture demons in your head, personalized support, and a community to turn to, you’re at risk of backsliding into diet culture when the going gets tough.


You might find yourself once again…


…going on diet after diet, continuously discarding each one for the next.

…waiting to do certain things until your body is the “right” size.


…obsessively weighing yourself and counting calories every day.


…thinking about food and your weight nonstop.


…hating the body that you see in the mirror every day.


…denying yourself the ability to live your life free of guilt and shame!



That doesn’t have to happen! Get the support you need and deserve with Life Beyond Body Size Mentorship

Life Beyong Body Size 





I am here to help you release your old programing, heal your fear around food and help you to make peace with food.

During our bi-weekly sessions, we will focus o what's important right now that would make the biggest positive impact on your health and relationship to food as well as finding confidence in feeding your young eaters. We will focus on building attunement and trust in your body signals, because your body is the best guide to you when it comes to eating, moving and healing.

The biggest transformations happen in real life when no one is looking.

The day to day support is here to help when you are the most vulnerable in everyday life. Breaking through your patterns and shifting through layers as they emerge without needing to wait for another in-person session is invaluable in facilitating faster and permanent change. 

The luxury of having me in your pocket when needed the most is what makes this mentorship true to its words = life-changing. 

Your time and life you are building are of the highest value to me and so spending hours watching content or doing homework is not to your highest service. But some steps of your healing journey will require deeper understanding or guided exercise to help you move forward. That's where you will be recommended additional resources and provided with personalised journaling prompts to deepen your relationship to the body or shift through some problems we uncover on our way.


Food Freedom For Life


Enrollment in 12-week Private Mentorship includes lifetime access to the Food Freedom for Life Online Course.

Rooted in the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, this self-paced course will give you the tools and know-how you need to truly understand how to implement Intuitive Eating, self-care and a diet-free mindset in your life and say goodbye to the inner diet voice forever. 

Vera will personally guide you on how best to work through the course during the 12-week program.

The course includes:


  • Eleven lessons with 20+ videos working through the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • A 180+ page workbook with reflective journaling exercises to help you internalize the concepts and apply them to yourself.

  • "I accept my body" ceremony to help you overcome body image issues and heal your mind from fatphobia


NOTE - If you have already purchased the course, you will receive a discount equal to the amount you paid for the course!

Lesson 1

Your First Steps towards Food Freedom


  • Cultivating compassion

  • Understanding the effect of dieting on your body

  • Dieter's dilemma and how to choose your own path

Lesson 2

Gaining Trust in Your Body


  • Get rid of the tools of dieting

  • Reject the diet mentality in 6 easy steps. 

Lesson 3

Let your body speak to you


  • How to read into and respond to your hunger cues

  • Why you are still hungry? 

Lesson 4

Make Peace with Food


  • What is unconditional permission to eat?

  • How to normalise food around us?

  • Will I ever stop eating? 

Lesson 5

Challenging the Food Police


  • What rules do you follow and how do they affect your life?

  • How to respond to your inner critic

Lesson 6

Feeling into your Fullness


  • Fullness vs Satiety

  • Mindful Eating and Pleasure Principle

  • The Last Bite threshold

Lesson 7

Why do we really want to eat? 


  • The impact of hunger and fullness on your satisfaction

  • Your emotional connection to eating

Lesson 8

Coping with your emotions with kindness


  • How to free yourself from emotional eating. 

  • What drives you to eat emotionally? 

  • How to prevent emotional eating in future. 

Lesson 9

Respect Your Body


  • Letting go of the perfect body fantasy

  • Dealing with Fatphobia

  • Learning to love and respect your body

Lesson 10

Mindful Movement


  • The pursuit of pleasurable movement

  • Recovering from slow metabolism

  • How much activity and how often? 

Lesson 11

Gentle Nutrition


  • Honouring your body with gentle nutrition

  • What motivates your food choices

  • Food Wisdom

Life Beyong Body Size 


Can you just do this on your own?


It's not impossible… you can make a lot of progress at intuitive eating by going it alone. You can read the book, listen to podcasts, and try to work through the principles by yourself. But it is much, much harder. 


Solo-intuitive eating can be a very lonely place. When everyone around you is immersed in diet culture, posting before and after photos, counting calories, and commenting on your body or food choices, you can feel like an outsider… and you can start to question your own judgment.


Without support, you might find yourself thinking “Maybe this is nuts. Maybe I should start dieting again…”


Together with your intuitive eating counsellor, you’ll target the actual situations and setbacks that pop up in your daily life!


So your best friend is insisting you try the newest fad diet with her? Laugh about it with me! 


Get real strategies for setting boundaries. Learn how to process the complicated emotions that arise when a loved one puts diet culture pressure on you. Grow and be better prepared for the next time someone inevitably invites you to diet.


There’s just no substitute for working with an intuitive eating counsellor. Just as you would seek help from an accountant to do your taxes or a mechanic to fix your car,  investing in an intuitive eating counsellor to help you heal your relationship with food is the best way to ensure your success.

Kelly's Intuitive Eating Journey

But for real though… will this just be another diet?


I feel you - you’ve been burned before, not once. Eating plans like Noom that claim to be non-restrictive - while encouraging you to count and limit calories 🙄 . “This isn’t really a diet” diets with gimmicks like using smaller plates, drinking a ton of water before eating or measuring portions using your body parts.


Of COURSE, you’re suspicious that intuitive eating is another diet, dressed up as a lifestyle.


Of COURSE, you’re worried that, like all diets, it will be setting you up to “fail” yet again.


Good news: Intuitive eating is not a diet - it is a journey and a continual process of learning to trust your body and unlearn what diet culture has falsely led us to believe. You will hit roadblocks, but every single one of them is an opportunity to learn and grow.

You will find that Vera will NEVER tell you…


  • What to eat

  • What not to eat

  • How much to eat

  • How to trick your appetite so that you can avoid eating

  • Which foods are “healthy,” “unhealthy,” or off-limits


There is no such thing as a failure with true intuitive eating. There is only grace, self-reflection, and growth.


While diets are designed to fail, intuitive eating is designed to connect you with your body and give you the freedom needed to feel at peace with food.


It’s not an easy process, but you don’t have to do it alone!


  • What if I can’t make a live training or Q&A call?
    Do nt worry, love. All your live trainings and your Q&A calls will be recorded and stored in a private membership group where you can access them any time. They’ll be available 24 hours after a training is live and you can listen at your convenience.
  • What happens after I join the Membership?
    Once you join our Journey to Happiness, Mentorship, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instant access to your two bonuses, The Grow your Inner garden guide and Visualisations for weight loss audio recording. You will be also provided with online direct link to join our closed, private Facebook Community Journey for Happiness, Mentorship with Vera, where all our calls, Q&A session and support will be held. Each month you will recieve an email with your support material, tools, worksheets and any additional information to help you progress.
  • Will I lose weight or reach my ideal body in this program?
    As you have noticed many women on this journey lost weight or changed their body shape. But I have to warn you, this is not a weight loss program. Our emphasis is on getting yoru mind, body and sould in a harmony and teach you how to love and accept your body, so that you can leave the dieting weight loss cycle once forever. Many women find that once your body, mind and sould are communicating and your focus will shift from weight to emotions and overall experience, your weight will start to shift without extra effort. This program doesn't include meal plans, diet recommendations, calorie counting or any other restrictive or dieting practices.
  • How much time do I have to dedicate to this?
    This is solely upto you, love. You will recieve one LIVE training call and 2 additional support Q&A calls each month, so that's about 3h of your time. Any additional time you will spend on your self development will reward you with better results and quicker progress to your goal. I recommend spend in the Membership about 1-2h each week.
  • What if I join and I don’t get results?
    I have supported hundred's of women on their journey to end the struggle with food and body for good, I’ve never seen a woman do this work wholeheartedly and remain unchanged. Journey to Happiness has built in an incredible amount of support to make sure you know how to use the training, and practice the methods so they work in your life. This is not a program of information, but transformation. However if you don’t feel that the practices are working you may cancel your membership at any time. (allow us 10 days to process your request)
  • What's the difference between this and Thrive 2 Shine?
    Thrive 2 Shine is an intensive individual coaching lead by Vera. This is tranformational 16-week journey designed to help you get to your dreamed goal with ease. I recommend to join Thrive 2 Shine if you need an exra help, day-to-day support and individual approach. As part of Thrive 2 Shine you have a full access to this Journey to Happiness Mentorship. If you wish to know more about Thrive 2 Shine book yourself a Free discovery call and set introductory appointment. To book your Free call follow this link: Free discovery Call with Vera
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you may cancel or decide to not continue in our Mentorship program if you wish. Please allow us 10 days to proceed with your request and contact us dirrectly at >>> RE:Membership cancelation.


Owner of Life Beyond Body Size
Registered Nutritionist
Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Note from Vera

Despite my "healthy genes" and  "unproblematic" upbringing. Despite my university degree rooted in medical science and human nutrition. Despite my physically active years, I fell into the DIET CULTURE TRAP.  I gained a few kilos during and after uni - mainly due to dropping sports to persuade a career and at the same time fell into "imposter syndrome" - who would listen to a "FAT" nutritionist? So I searched for the quickest and easiest ways how to lose weight. And I tried many. Some worked better than others, but when I say worked - I lost a few kilos and then somehow a few months later ended up with the same flabby body - blaming only myself for failure.
Looking back I only remember this part of my life as hating myself into thinness, feeling like crap and failing with occasional moments of joy when someone commented how well I look. I remember not socialising, the shame I felt about my body, And how hard I tried to stay motivated. 
Only years later when I found Intuitive Eating and healed my mind so I could heal my body. My memories from the past week years and radically different - happier, full of joy and happy moments. Proudness, love and life. And I wish this to everyone. Because we all deserve a life that is lived.



  • Initial Consultation 75min: $165.00 NZD value

  • Six 45min Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: $810.00 NZD value

  • VOXER 12 weeks of daily support: $840.00 NZD value

  • Lifetime access to Food Freedom For Life Online Course: $599.00 NZD value

Total value: $2414.00 NZD
Your Price: $1699.00 NZD

You’ve got options for payment:

  • One-time Payment: 1699.00 NZD

  • Monthly Plan: 3x599.00 NZD

  • Weekly Plan: 20x$99.00 NZD

How long have you been dieting?

Most of us diet for 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years before we realize that it’s doing more harm than good.

Now that you know you can’t diet anymore, why wait to get the support you need to:

Stop worrying about every bite you take
Stop obsessing over your weight
Stop feeling the need to binge
Start enjoying the food you eat
Start embracing new experiences, no matter your size
Start living your life… right now!

Life is too short to spend it counting calories and hating your body.

Jumpstart your intuitive eating journey with this 12-week mentorship so you can ditch the diet mentality and truly live your best life.







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