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An intuitive eating holistic group program that will help you quit dieting and rewrite your food story

5-week Intuitive Eating Academy

Learn to trust your body to live your best life.

Become an Intuitive Eater, get to know your body and reach your goal without ever needing to diet again. 


You have been dieting in past and feel like you are losing the same weight all over again. 

You feel disconnected from your body and don’t know what is it telling you any more


You feel tired, without motivation and just the thought of your current situation makes you feel overwhelmed and anxious


You feel like you have tried every single diet out there and nothing works… 


You are looking for a way how to finally feel good, have the energy and do it without complicated calorie or points counting, without measuring your food and feeling like you are failing yourself again and again and again...



I am helping women to learn to trust their body so they can live their best life without following complicated and restrictive diets. 

I remember days when I counted calories, restricted meals or times when I rather didn't eat, just to lose another kilo, to be happier, more confident and to look better. 

Hustling at a gym 5x a week, HIIT training, CrossFit, weights, running, you name it.

I was searching for the perfect way to eat and exercise, that would bring me sustainable results and the body I wanted. 


In my head, I had all these thoughts pushing me to go further, harder just to finally reach the point where I would be happy and satisfied. 

Yet, it never came to be the truth. 


Every day was a fight. Almost every day I lost that battle, I fell off the wagon.

My thoughts like...

"I cannot eat what I want, I need to control my calories and portions..."

"I don't know what am I doing wrong, that my weight won't go down..."

"I want to just eat with joy and without fear of losing control and gaining weight, after all the effort I've spent on losing those last 2 kg."

...were my day to day life and I was missing out on living out of fear what would happen if I won't be strict enough. 


It was a constant battle between my willpower, my consciousness and my knowledge of the holistic nutritionist, knowing there must be a better way somewhere...

I knew that something had to change...



I needed to become more InSync with my own body and its needs.

Now, I guide women lo learn to trust their body

so they can live their best life, today. 

Women InSync is an intimate group coaching program helping you to use your intuition in day-to-day life and rewrite your food story.

Give yourself a chance, wake up your feminine intuition, learn how to understand your body clues, feelings and needs and how to live in sync with who you are.

Women InSync is not a Weight loss program per se.

It is guided mind-body coaching led by Registered Holistic Nutritionist designed to help you get your head straight around eating, become an Intuitive Eater and set yourself for success in the long run. Weight loss is often naturaly occurring bonus to the lifestyle changes you will choose to make to reach your goals.

This IS the right thing for you if...

You are a woman in your late ‘20s to late ’60s

If your body feels out of whack and you need to try hard every day to stay fit

If you tried every diet or weight loss programs such as WW, Arbonne, Smillimg world

You are done with meal planning, portion control, counting points and meal replacements and ready to feel in charge and in control of your own life again

You have lost the connection to your own self and your body


What you can expect from Women InSync...

Calmness in your mind, Control around your body and Freedom in your life

You will learn how to connect to your intuition and make decisions based on this

You will learn all about the Woman’s health and how to balance your hormones, sync your cycle and heal your postmenopausal body so that you feel incredible every day

You will know What, When and How much to eat

You will learn everything about guilt-free & Mindful eating

And everything you need to know about cravings, how to beat them and how to live your best life NOW

Imagine how much more time you will have in your life when you won’t have to think about food the whole day. The freedom that comes with Intuitive eating is priceless. 


Women InSync

5-week intuitive eating holistic group program that will help you quit dieting and rewrite your food story


Vera has more than 12 years of experience working with women just like you. Bringing complicated nutrition into day-to-day life with ease. 

Vera's professional advice will be guiding you through this program addressing your overall health from all aspects: Nutritional, Hormonal and Mental.


Women InSync is an intimate group coaching program where you will become part of a community of amazing women whom all walk the same journey as you. Together we are stronger and having this kind of support is invaluable. 

Often knowing that you are not in this alone is all you need. 


Unlike many health programs, Women InSync is based on years of experience working with women, teaching them how to use their own inner wisdom to take care of their body and mind

Vera has based this program on real struggles of real women making sure that you will gain the most of this experience. 


Imagine, just in 5 weeks ...

  • You will be able to reconnect with your own intuition and know exactly what you need to do to reach your goal with a smile on your face. 

  • You will get to know your body and its needs at any given situation, no more feeling lost and overwhelmed

  • You will learn tools that you can use for the rest of your life, not just blindly following another diet or meal plan

  • You will gain the ability to assess, choose and decide what’s the best for you at any given time

  • You will learn how to eat mindfully and break up with the restrictive dieter’s mind while seeing your goal of getting closer and closer

  • You will never need to diet again. 

  • You will stop feeling guilt, shame and mistrust around food & eating with a need to “FIX IT” after you’ve “RUINED IT”

  • You will see how EASY, FUN and FREEING is to eat the way that suits your needs, help you to reach your goal and supports your body & mind. 


What’s included in the program 

  • 4+1 weeks of Group ONLINE coaching with Vera’s weekly LIVE Q&A calls

  • Lifetime access to all resources in Teachable

  • Facebook support group with lifetime access

  • Downloadable resources and interactive workbooks

  • Plus amazing BONUSES if you join with EARLY BIRD PRCING


Women InSync


5-week Intuitive Eating Academy

Imagine how much more time you will have in your life when you won’t have to think about food the whole day. The freedom that comes with Intuitive eating is priceless. 


  • 4+1 week women’s only group coaching program

  • 1 week of goal planning, intentions setting and mind preparation to make the most of 4 weeks of Holistic Nutrition coaching to become Intuitive eater. PS: You can gain extra 2 weeks of preparation, group access and coaching by signing up in the early bird - before 11.1.2021.

  • 4 WEEKS of learning how to listen to your body, how to read into its clues and all you need to know about Intuitive and Mindful eating, including the 3Q daily practice and 5KEY foolproof meal building guide. 

  • EACH WEEK will take you into new topic around woman’s health, hormones, Intuitive eating and mindfulness to help you reach your goal and set you up for life.

  • Each week you will gain ACCESS TO ONLINE trainings, pre-recorded video coaching and handouts that will help you deepen your understanding and guide you through your journey. 

  • You will be provided with online INTERACTIVE WORKBOOKS to help you get to the real cause of your struggles and help you to map out your next steps and how to reach your goal by the most effective and easy way possible.

  • You won’t be doing this alone. You will become a part of an AMAZING COMMUNITY of like-minded women whom all have one thing in common, want to break the curse and feel incredible in their body again. Yes, this is an ONLINE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM

  • And to assure you are getting the most of it you will have VERA PRAZAK, The Holistic Nutritionist, guiding you on this journey via  WEEKLY COACHING CALLS  and online support via Facebook Group dedicated to Women InSync. 

  • On top of this, you will gain LIFE-TIME access to all resources and materials and any extra updated versions of them in future, so that you can come back at any given time in future. How cool is that? 

Are you ready to leave those unsuccessful dieting years behind and step into a new, better, and easier chapter of your life?

Let’s do it together and have fun while creating your new, fitter, healthier, happier and better self.

Learn to trust to your body to live your best life NOW.

Your Investment

$497.00 NZD Paid In Full


$297.00 NZD - TWO monthly payments




The truth is that we both play an egual part on this journey.

Self-doubt, Self-Sabotage, Procrastination and Overwhelm got you here...

You've tried diets, you have tried restrictions, you've tried everything possible and now you ask what's next. 

You don't trust yourself anymore, so how do you know that this will be different? Quite frankly you don't. 

But I do. 
I have worked with hundred's of women like you in the past and we all did the same things. We searched for solutions we believed that will give us what we needed, but we self-sabotaged ourselves or weren't able to keep it up for long enough. 
We procrastinated when we felt the urge to change something because we were scared of the big unknown.

And now you are here. 

You feel that this will be different, but self-doubt is a big part of your life and it is keeping you "safe".

The best thing you can do is to talk to me about your doubts, about your feelings, about your fear and also about your goals and together, we will find the best solution for you, so you can finally feel incredible in your body and confident in your life. 

You will be shown possibilities and be able to choose what's best for you and what feels good.

The choice is yours. 

Women InSync

Hey love

Every big step in your life is accompanied by some fears, doubts and many what IFs...

This is not the thing that should stop you from having your dream life and body. What's more important is having a body that works for you, one you feel great in and supports you every day in every decision you make. We often feel like our body is not our best friend but rather our biggest enemy. 

We feel betrayed and lost as no matter what we try to do nothing works... 

Now you stand on another verge of your life asking...

Will this make any difference or will this be another waste of time, energy and money?


I have stood where you are right now many, many times. 
And many times I have failed until I understood what's really important in order to make a difference. 

I’ve learned how to lose weight and feel great and not be restricted, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed, eat food I like, yet still make a huge visible shift in my appearance and most importantly in my relationship with food?

And I will teach you all of this.

If you are ready to listen and learn the easy way...
I will guide you through the fear, doubt and emotions to the other side where you will effortlessly keep the weight and body you wish for, where food will become joyful and easy and where you will be in control.

With Love



When you begin to trust to your body...



More Questions

I am just a type of your finger away... 

If you wonder how this will work for you, if you ARE the good fit and if YOU can make it through and actually make a difference? Chat to me, I am just a type of a finger away from you. 


How changing my mindset will help me to lose weight? 

Every change starts with a decision. So changing the way you make decisions is the key element to changing your diet hence changing the way you feel and look. You will be healing past trauma and learning new ways to cope with your emotions, but mainly you will become the master of your mind and of your body and be in control of the way you feel and look.

How will I know what to eat and how to portion control without an exact meal plan? 

You will be provided with a "cheat sheet" of recommendations, healthy swaps and guides on how to build the perfect balanced meal at any given time. This will allow you to take control of your meals and create a new habit of making conscious choices around meals and food you are having throughout the day. Giving you the freedom to eat foods you like and be creative. 

What if I get hungry or will have a social event to attend to?

Easy. When you are hungry you will eat. I will teach you how to recognise hunger and boredom or emotional eating and how to choose the right foods to nourish and feed you at the same time. Also because you will have no exact meal plan to follow, attending or hosting social gatherings will be a great way to practice the new skills you will build during these 5 weeks.

Hosting or attending a party will become your new favourite thing to do, no more stress around food and buffet-style parties, you will know exactly what to do.

What if I don't lose any weight? 

Let's be honest. Your weight problem might be deeper than you think. Years and years of dieting could have put your body in a very protective state.  It may be fear not allowing you to lose a few pounds because in its mind it needs to prevent you from starvation. Yes, I know you have a few extra pounds, but your body may feel threatened. The reality is, you might not lose all 10 pounds, maybe just 1 or 2, but nevertheless you will feel in control of your eating and your energy, your digestion and productivity will be better and you will have created a trustworthy relationship with your body. Then it will allow you to lose weight when it's ready, effortlessly, without ever needing a diet. Sounds great right!  Awesome. We got you, love. 

What if things get hard? How much support will I get to keep me "on a track"?

I’ve got your back girl. You will most likely experience ups and downs during these 5-weeks. Self-doubt, fear and maybe even self-sabotaging attempts. That's why you are a part of this beautiful community of women going through exactly the same things as you are, to help you support each other. On top of it, you may ask me any questions and raise any concerns, share your fears and things that might seem to you like you fell off the wagon and I will help you to get back on the track asap. I will be holding a LIVE Q&A call in our community each week and coming to the group twice a week to respond to any of your additional questions.

But most importantly all the guidance you will need is in the training and workbooks which are an essential part of this program and they are LIFE-CHANGING.

How will I access all the content? 

You will have LIFE-TIME access to all the content in the Client Portal which you will be granted access to at the beginning of our 5-week academy. All content will be stored in the Cloud so you can access it anytime you need. Most of the workbooks, sheets and training are available to download, so you can work on your progress even if you are offline.

All content will be released to you at the start of the academy but it's designed to be worked through over 5-weeks.  You will have time to work through everything at your own pace.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this course? 

This is very individual. Each module consists of video/audio training, workbooks and supporting materials which usually take about 1hr to go through.  You might find them easy and very digestible or on the other hand, you might find you wanna spend more time on some of them and watch/listen to them on repeat. Generally, I recommend dedicating 1-2hr each week to work on modules and take time to implement steps and changes in your life with ease.
Most tasks don't require any additional time as you will be replacing your old habit with a new one. 

Woman InSYnc has been designed with a busy woman's life in mind. 

Are you ready to leave those unsuccessful dieting years behind and step into a new, better, and easier chapter of your life?

Let’s do it together and have fun while creating your new, fitter, healthier, happier and better self.

Learn to trust to your body to live your best life NOW.

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