Initial Consultation

60 min consultation for new clients to help you determine the root cause of your health and weight problems. 

During our session, the focus will be on assessing your daily habits and looking at every aspect of your health as well as your relationship to your body and food.

You will walk out with a detailed plan on how to solve your problems. 

Are you ready to take that step that will truly change your life?

$197.00 NZD

Do you have problems with:

  • Weight cycling - yoyo dieting

  • Binge eating

  • Emotional eating

  • Overeating

  • Stress eating

  • Eating behaviour problems

  • Hormonal disbalance

Are you...

  • Seeking food freedom and life outside dieting?

  • A woman trying to or planning to conceive?

  • A new mum seeking postpartum & breastfeeding nutrition guidance?

  • Wanting to earn about Intuitive eating for you and your baby?

  • A woman wanting to learn how to eat intuitively?

  • Seeking support during ring or post-menopause? 


This entry-level consultation for new clients is focused on finding the root causes of your health and eating problems. 

Therefore you can expect us to talk about your relationship to food as far as to your childhood, your current and past eating habits, your health and any cues body is giving us to find out, not just what the problem is, but also what is the origin of its cause. 

We will approach your body, health and mind from a holistic view and aim to achieve a comprehensive picture of your current life. 

Once we determine the root cause or causes we will create a road map on what exact steps needs to be done to resolve them and how exactly this will go down. 

At the end of our consultation, you will have a clear vision of what needs to be done to resolve your current issues and also how to prevent them in the future.


Do I need Initial colsultation?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended.
If you know you are ready to dive deep into finding solutions and transforming your life, you may apply right away for private mentorship; the high level tailored support to help you overcome your problems and find a resolve any health or eating problems. But I recommend booking for an Initial consultation first to determine whether we are a good fit for each other and what level of support is needed.
If you are learning better in a group, you may opt right into my Transcendence Supported online program.

What if I want only One-off consultation.

If you are a new client, then you may use Initial consultation only as one-off tailored coaching. There is no obligation to continue in a private or group coaching program past this point.

I am past client can I use this consultation as a follow up session?

I am honoured that you seek more advice on your journey or ensure that you are on the right path. If you are my past or current client, then please contact me directly at or via Chat on this website, and we will determine what level of support will be the best for you at this moment. You may choose to opt-in for a one-off consultation, continue in monthly private coaching or use one of my VIP exclusive days to break through any problems that have surfaced in the past.

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