Initial Therapy Session

45 min Intuitive Nutrition Therapy Consultation for New Clients

When your relationship with food and your body feels too overwhelming. 

When your body acts against you and you fear you have no control over food.

Together we will find a way how to feel safe in your own body and free yourself from a toxic relationship with food.

Leaving with a clear mind, feeling motivated to have a chance for a normal life.

$111.00 NZD

Do you have problems with:

  • Food addiction / Obsessive eating

  • Binge eating

  • Emotional eating

  • Overeating

  • Stress eating

  • Eating behaviour problems

  • Hormonal disbalance

Are you...

  • Seeking food freedom and life outside dieting?

  • Wating to just eat without overthining every bite you take? 

  • Not needing to follow plans, guidelines and external rules? 

  • Find peaceful relationship with food and your body?

  • Heal your mind from constant worry and guilt? 

  • Stop living on the edge of all or nothing thinking. 

  • Love and appreciate your body again and just live here and now? 


Think of this consulation more as a therapy or fresh start for your overtired mind and stressed body. 
Just after a few initial moments you will feel the huge boulder rolling off of your shoulders. You will be able to understand WHY this all has been happening to you and also you will see the way how you can finally live in peace with food and yourself.

What you can expect is us to talk about your relationship to food as far as to your childhood, your current and past eating habits, your health and any cues your body is giving us to find out, not just what the problem is, but also what is the origin of its cause. 

We will approach your body, health and mind from a holistic point of view not just your caloric and nutrient intake (what you eat and how much your workout) as these are only small part of your eating and health problems. 

Almost all women describe the feeling after our first session as REBIRTH. Feleing of new found love, compassion and kindness to themselves and having a clear understanding why their body felt out of control, broken and "acting out". Knowing exactly what they need to do now. 
Without overwhelming feeling how much more they need to be doing to "solve" tir problem we rather see what less we can do to make you feel better and back in control. 



Do I need Initial consultation first?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended.
If you know you are ready to dive deep into finding solutions and transforming your life, you may apply right away for private mentorship or group coaching.
Nevertheless I highly recommend booking an Initial consultation first to determine whether we are a good fit for each other and what level of support you will need to get irreversible and life lasting results.

What if I want only One-off consultation.

If you are a new client, then you may use Initial consultation as one-off tailored coaching. There is no obligation to continue in a private or group coaching program past this point.

I am past client can I use this consultation as a follow up session?

I am honoured that you seek more advice on your journey or to ensure that you are on the right path. If you are my past or current client, then please contact me directly at hello@veraprazak.com or via Chat on this website, and we will determine what level of support will be the best for you at this moment. You may choose to opt-in for a one-off consultation, continue in monthly private coaching or use one of my VIP exclusive days to break through any problems that have surfaced in the past.

Can I put my investment for Initial Consultation towards future coaching?

Yes. If the decision will be made during or within the next 24h after our initial consultation your investment of $177.00 NZD will be put towards private or group coaching monthly payments. In other words, if we decide to work together further your payment for the first month of private or group coaching will be lowerd by $177.00 NZD.