Free 3-Day training series with Vera

Happy thoughts eating

During this 3-day series, I will teach you how to eat yourself happy without ruining your diet or feeling guilty. 
Eating habits that healed my anxiety and allowed me to live a happy and healthy life.

Each day starting May 26th you will receive daily video + homework prompt that is going to move you step by step

from eating out your emotions into eating for happiness.
Each step is actionable and easy to implement, taking less than 1 minute of your time.

Stop your struggle with:

  • Reaching for a sweet or savoury treat every time you feel down or exhausted

  • Wondering if there is a diet that will help you get your willpower wonder control, so you will stop overeating or eating out your emotions with treat foods, leaving you feeling anxious, frustrated and sad

  • Feeling like you are always letting yourself down and changing your eating habits as often as socks, searching for one that will finally work

you will walk out with:

  • A clear mind and actionable easy steps that barely take any time at all

  • List of foods helping you to heal your GUT and create more natural dopamine (Happiness hormone) in your body

  • Motivation to take charge in your hands and Gratitude & Love for your body functions and support