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If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and live a healthful life you are at the right place.

This program is for you if:

You struggle with binge or emotional eating

You obsess over food and your body

You don't trust your body to tell you when you're hungry or full

You want to stop dieting for good

You want to improve your relationship with food, once-and-for-all

You want to make peace with your body

I never though food freedom would feel like this.

I never realised how much dieting affected my life. From the way I saw myself and treated myself as my biggest enemy to undermining my every decision and feeling incompetent, to sabotaging my long term relationship because I didn't believe that I should be worthy of love in body I had. In my head, I wasn't good enough until I would have the body I thought I need to have. With every diet I fell into a deeper hole of self doubt, hate for my self and life I didn't wanna live.

Food Freedom for Life gave me all I ever wished for and so much more. 

I realised that living free from dieting and constant fear, how choices I make affects my body, health and life, is so much more than peace with food. I made peace in with my life. I started living now, the life I never dared until I will have the perfect body. 

On top of this all, I love the way I feel, I am learning to love my body and my health has been improving.

Katie, 38


You are one step closer to a life in food freedom without food rules and binge episodes, where you can move past the guilt and stress around food to create healthy, fulfilling life, right now.

I know exactly why you lose control around food and binge eat. 
I know why you feel that the harder you try, the harder it gets. 
And I also know how to change this in a matter of weeks. 

I have helped hundreds of women recover from diet culture, free their minds from food rules and heal their bodies from the constant cycle of restriction and binge. And I know that YOU CAN TOO!

None of this is your fault. We live in a world filled with a diet culture where weight loss is the key to everything, health, success, love,... I wish, when I was trying to make sense of the plethora of diet advice, there would be someone who would understand, how hard it is to resist, how hards it is to always be good and someone who would tell me that what I need to do is to heal my relationship with food, not to try another diet. 

Food Freedom for Life is my response to all of this. The program that helps you live. 

Because everyone deserves the opportunity to heal their relationship with food!
Nobody should have to go through this alone. 
I created the exact program I WISH I had when I was struggling.

By joining the FOOD FREEDOM FOR LIFE Academy you'll receive:

Food Freedom for Life Online Course

Access to my signature self-paced course that will provide you with framework to see past diets, reconnect to your body, learn to respond to its needs and heal your relationship with food. 
The step by step tools to help you reach full freedom. 

Video guides, workbooks and action steps done for you.


Bi-weekly coaching calls for individual support

Two monthly coaching calls facilitated by Vera Prazak to receive individual support and guidance on your recovery journey. You will meet with other Academy members and get a boost of inspiration. Each call you will leave with clarity on how to overcome any barriers you are facing and action steps to move you forward and grow.

Monthly Ceremony to heal your body and mind

Once a month we will meet for a virtual ceremony to help you reconnect with your body and lower your level of stress. We will heal the trauma that has been left on your body by years of dieting and nurture the relationship with your inner child. 

These ceremonies are here for you to leave you feeling calmer, safer and happier in your own body.

Wellness Coach

Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A

Twice a month Vera will be present LIVE in the Food Freedom for Life Facebook community to answer all of your questions in between coaching calls. These Lives are here to keep you supported and accountable at every step of the way. 

Community; when you need it the most.

You will become a valuable member of our Facebook community. Here you will find inspiration in others recovery journeys, support and accountability. 

This community is here for you to connect, create friendships, ask questions, share your wins and get support from Vera and others when things might be hard. 

We are in this together.

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How I see Food Freedom

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past 10 years of my practice is that every diet or lifestyle change backfire if it’s implemented for a purpose of weight loss. Something I knew for a long time but was too scared to see it. Because how else I can control my weight than through controlling my food and exercise. 

It wasn’t until I was fed up with seeing my clients fail. Having them cancel their follow up season because they simply felt they failed and didn’t want to face the reality in person. Then driven by my own hormonal healing journey and failed dieting attempts I searched for a new and gentle way how to be myself again. How to live life in the present and stop being afraid of every single bite I took, seeing food as an escape or punishment. 


Food Freedom for life is my answer to a healthy body, happy mind and life without dieting.

Yes, being able to eat without guilt, without making up for bad choices or free from fear of how will that bite affects my body. While actually seeing my body reach its natural weight, my hormones and health improve and my mind to be calm. 


Food Freedom for life guides you back into trusting your inner wisdom and intuition rather than following rigid rules and external advice that are often inflexible and unsustainable in the long term. Often the major cause of hormonal imbalance, weight cycling and anxiety leading to deeper physical and mental health problems. 


Food Freedom for life is based on Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole and science-based nutrition to help you balance and support your health providing you with a unique set of skills entirely based on your current body needs and emotional state so you know what’s best for you at any moment. 


The only flexible and sustainable way to live in a healthy body and mind is to rid yourself of external rules and restrictions, learn to tune into your body cues and needs and react to them with compassion & curiosity. Treating your body and mind with kindness truly creates life-long happiness. 


Food Freedom for life is helping you deepen and expand your relationship with your body, make peace with food and take back charge of your health with consideration of your current needs.


What would feel like if you would be never on a diet again?
Look at your life right now and imagine what would it look like to achieve food freedom?

Still have Questions? 

  • What if I can’t make a live training or Q&A call?
    Do nt worry, love. All your live trainings and your Q&A calls will be recorded and stored in a private membership group where you can access them any time. They’ll be available 24 hours after a training is live and you can listen at your convenience.
  • What happens after I join the Membership?
    Once you join our Journey to Happiness, Mentorship, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instant access to your two bonuses, The Grow your Inner garden guide and Visualisations for weight loss audio recording. You will be also provided with online direct link to join our closed, private Facebook Community Journey for Happiness, Mentorship with Vera, where all our calls, Q&A session and support will be held. Each month you will recieve an email with your support material, tools, worksheets and any additional information to help you progress.
  • Will I lose weight or reach my ideal body in this program?
    As you have noticed many women on this journey lost weight or changed their body shape. But I have to warn you, this is not a weight loss program. Our emphasis is on getting yoru mind, body and sould in a harmony and teach you how to love and accept your body, so that you can leave the dieting weight loss cycle once forever. Many women find that once your body, mind and sould are communicating and your focus will shift from weight to emotions and overall experience, your weight will start to shift without extra effort. This program doesn't include meal plans, diet recommendations, calorie counting or any other restrictive or dieting practices.
  • How much time do I have to dedicate to this?
    This is solely upto you, love. You will recieve one LIVE training call and 2 additional support Q&A calls each month, so that's about 3h of your time. Any additional time you will spend on your self development will reward you with better results and quicker progress to your goal. I recommend spend in the Membership about 1-2h each week.
  • What if I join and I don’t get results?
    I have supported hundred's of women on their journey to end the struggle with food and body for good, I’ve never seen a woman do this work wholeheartedly and remain unchanged. Journey to Happiness has built in an incredible amount of support to make sure you know how to use the training, and practice the methods so they work in your life. This is not a program of information, but transformation. However if you don’t feel that the practices are working you may cancel your membership at any time. (allow us 10 days to process your request)
  • What's the difference between this and Thrive 2 Shine?
    Thrive 2 Shine is an intensive individual coaching lead by Vera. This is tranformational 16-week journey designed to help you get to your dreamed goal with ease. I recommend to join Thrive 2 Shine if you need an exra help, day-to-day support and individual approach. As part of Thrive 2 Shine you have a full access to this Journey to Happiness Mentorship. If you wish to know more about Thrive 2 Shine book yourself a Free discovery call and set introductory appointment. To book your Free call follow this link: Free discovery Call with Vera
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you may cancel or decide to not continue in our Mentorship program if you wish. Please allow us 10 days to proceed with your request and contact us dirrectly at >>> RE:Membership cancelation.

Food Freedom for Life MASTERMIND

  • Lifetime access to Food Freedom Online Course
  • 10x coaching call 
  • 5x Healing Ceremony
  • Private support group
Monthly payment of $497.00 NZD 
Paid in Full (5-month access) $1997.00 NZD

Earlybird special 300.00 Off
Paid in full price or your first month.
valid before 25.09.2021
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