Where food no longer has power over you.

What You’ll Receive In

Journey to Happiness

  • Monthly theme to free you from your struggles

  • 90 min LIVE training with Vera 

  • Two LIVE Q&A and integration calls 

  • Ongoing Support and Mentorship throughout the month

  • Private membership site

  • Private Client community


  • Visualisation for weight loss

  • Grow your inner garden, guide & recipe book

  • 10% off Private coaching Thrive 2 Shine

  • Intimmity and the right support you need

I am so excited for you to join us at The Journey to Happiness!

Please answer the following questions, so that I can understand more about you, your current struggle, and how you would like to transform.

Please know that your answers are confidential 

Take a moment to breathe. You’ll want to be in your most present and conscious state before answering these questions. Be open. Be honest. Be clear.

This is the first step in overcoming your issues with food and body – FOR GOOD.

Let’s get started…


With Love


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