The secret formula

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past 10 years of my practice is that every diet or lifestyle change backfire if it’s implemented for a purpose of weight loss. Something I knew for a long time but was too scared to see it. Because how else I can control my weight than through controlling my food and exercise. 

It wasn’t until I was fed up with seeing my clients fail. Having them cancel their follow up season because they simply felt they failed and didn’t want to face the reality in person. Then driven by my own hormonal healing journey and failed dieting attempts I searched for a new, proven (1) and gentle way how to feel myself again. How to live life in the present and stop being afraid of every single bite I took, seeing food as an escape or punishment. 


The Transcendent Method is my answer to a healthy body, happy mind and life without dieting. Yes, being able to eat without guilt, without making up for bad choice or free from fear of how will that bite affects my body. While actually seeing my body reach its natural weight, my hormones and health improve and my mind to be calm. 


The Transcendent Method guides you back into trusting your inner wisdom and intuition rather than following rigid rules and external advice that are often inflexible and unsustainable in the long term. Often the major cause of hormonal imbalance, weight cycling and anxiety leading to deeper physical and mental health problems. 


The Transcendent Method based on Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole (2) and science-based nutrition to help you balance and support your hormonal health providing you with a unique set of skills entirely based on your current body needs and emotional state so you know what’s best for you at any moment. 


The only flexible and sustainable way to live in a healthy body and mind is to rid yourself of external rules and restrictions, learn to tune into your body cues and needs and react to them with compassion & curiosity. Treating your body and mind with kindness truly creates life-long happiness. 


The Transcendent Method is helping you deepen and expand your relationship with your body, make peace with food and take back charge of your health with consideration of your current needs.


Whether you are a woman preparing for having a child, pregnant or post-partum or a busy mum, finding it hard to take care of herself or facing mid-age hormonal changes, it all starts with your mind and your relationship to food and your body. 

If not diet then what?

Intuitive Eating is a series of tools and skills designed to help you move away from rigid external rules, and learn to eat according to your body’s natural appetite and physiological cues.


It’s an approach developed by dietitians which have been shown to help improve body appreciation and satisfaction, attunement to internal cues like hunger and fullness, psychological flexibility (no more black + white thinking), self-regard and optimism, exercising for enjoyment and dietary variety.


It can also help improve physiological markers of health like blood glucose control, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Finally, it has been shown to reduce the binge/restrict cycle and help people move away from diets.

How will I control food?

The powerful connection of the body to mind will help take over any control needed to improve your health and body that was genetically designed for you. You may have been reliant on external rules for a long time, to tell you when, what and how much to eat but we have been born with a self-regulatory system that knows exactly what you need at any given moment. 

But after years of listening to external rules, the connection between our body and mind weakens and get silenced. 

Learning to listen to your inner wisdom will provide you with the best tool to understand your body needs and to reach your natural weight range and best possible health state.

The best way to control is to give all the control back to your body.

Hormonal imbalance?

Hormonal health is the essence of women's happiness. When our hormones are affected we may feel down, depressed, our self-regulatory system will be affected and we may see symptoms such as bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, hair loss or fatigue. 

But there is not one thing you can do to improve your hormonal balance. Your hormonal system is complex and reliant on each other. 

Hormonal health requires a holistic approach to your health starting with helping your body get rid of psychical and metabolic stress, both most likely caused by weight cycling, restrictions and malnourishment from following various diets. 

Your body thrives on balance and abundance and where is a restriction or famine it needs to take measures to survive causing stress, inflammation and hormonal imbalance.



Emotional or binge eating, hormonal imbalances, weight cycling, always on a diet or trying to find a way how to feel good in your body but have no time on your hands? 

Are you preparing your body for a new life or found yourself struggling to eat well and practice even the basic self-care as a busy mum?

Then the only thing you have to do is simplify. Listen for what your body truly needs and rid yourself of external rules that are making it impossibly hard on you and your body. 

No diet will help you feel good or support your health when you are already stressed out. What will, is your attunement to your body and gentle nutrition.

Beyond 40

Increasing weight, bloating, digestive problems, hormonal flushes, always present fatigue, stress and anxiety? 

And no matter how hard you try, you see little to no difference? 

You need to change your approach quite frankly because your body has changed too. Supporting your hormones and finding the right way for you to eat and move based on your inner cues not external advice will change everything. 

Your weight will stabilise, you will have more energy, your mood will be better and most of all you won't have to watch your every bite you take to do that. 

Words from past students

I have learnt to listen to my body, not anyone else. No one else knows what I enjoy, what I need or what really doesn't serve me well. I no longer crave foods that I thought were once off-limits. I have enjoyed finding my taste buds again and have been surprised. I wish to thank Vera for her easy caring way of explaining what should be so simple but after so many years of being told what to eat when it made it harder. I would recommend learning about intuitive eating to anyone who thinks too much about what to eat and when, free yourself from the mass-produced diet world and give this a go!


I have a much better relationship with my food since the course. I don’t beat myself up when I eat my so-called ‘forbidden foods’... because I don’t identify the food like that... now it’s just food... I’m not craving junk food as I did and I am listening to what I think I need. I’m enjoying cooking new recipes that I haven’t been allowing myself to eat!


Eating is easier in that I see food, not points. I couldn't sustain limiting myself to lose weight. I wanted to live my life the best way possible a that where vera came in. She doesn't tell you what to eat but rather dive deep inside of your body and trust your intuition. before I would "sabotage" myself by eating chips and chocolate and wine and not then have a proper meal. Now I don't seem to crave them. I feel more relaxed and not sweating the small stuff. 


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