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Free from Emotional Eating

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Learn to cope with your emotions without using food. “Since I learned to understand my emotions I found better ways to cope with difficult situations than turning to food.” Jess. I genuinely hope that this course will help you build a better relationship with yourself, become stronger and more empowered when it comes to handling difficult situations, and learn how to use food for its original purpose - to nourish, give us energy, satisfaction and pleasure. In this 5-day mini-course you will learn: How to detect your vulnerability to Eating problems. Identify your Emotional Triggers and find your reasons for overeating. Learn how to heal your mind from emotional eating. How to build your emotional muscle. And how to prevent emotional eating in the future. Healing from emotional eating is a journey that is purely individual. This is the reason why Free from Emotional eating has been created as a self-study course allowing you to go through each lesson at your own pace. Even your journey will be unique, you won't be here alone. There will be times when you need someone to talk to or just ask a question and that's where TWO weeks of email support comes in handy. What is included in this course: 2 video recordings 5 audio recordings 5+1 downloadable workbooks & handbooks Lifetime access to this course. To get access and find out more follow this link > LIFETIME ACCESS $111.00 NZD

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