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Massage therapy Vera Clinic

is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Ntrition therapy Vera Clinic

is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Meet Vera


...the hands, brain and the soul of Vera Clinic...

Vera is  passionate, optimistic and energetic person with big heart and smile.

She loves helping other people to find their way into healthy and pain-free life.  She will always go the extra mile for her clients to ensure they are getting the best help they can.

She says:

" Massaging is my hoby and Nutrition is my passion. I couldn't choose better way to help people to live full and happy life."

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no cravings

Toni W.

"Awesome friendly service. Went to the nutritional client after feeling tired and blah all the time. Very quick to get me back on track eating wise and off the energy drinks! Haven't had one in weeks now and feel so much better for it after finding foods to replace the energy I was craving � highly recommend"

no bloating

Adrianne M.

I was struggling to loose weight and wasn’t feeling on top of everything - bloated every night and reached ‘that age’ so went to see Vera for some help . Was a shock to be told that I wasn’t drinking enough water, wasn’t eating enough and my calcium was low - all not good for heading into menopause! What a difference a month has made - I’m feeling 100x better, no bloating and eating healthy wholesome food 5x a day! Vera has worked wonders and I can highly recommend her!

My philosophy


Evidence - based

Whole foods


I strongly believe that nutrition advice should be based on the latest scientific research to give you the best chance possible to stay healthy. 

My focus is on ensuring you have balanced meals that include all food groups. I firmly believe that everyone needs real foods to fuel themselves for everyday tasks, recreational sport, training and competition. 

Food should be enjoyed by everyone, including kids, elderly and athletes! Whether it’s a snack, or a meal, I will make practical suggestions that you’ll love.

Contact: 0221269172

Methven & Ashburton, New Zealand