Meet Vera


...founder of Eating for Happiness and Thrive to Shine ...

Vera is heart centred, caring and loving person changing the lives of women struggling with food and body helping them to find their way to Food Freedom and life of their dreams.

She is compassionate and knowledgable in her field of Mind-body Holistic Nutrition and always eager to walk the extra mile for her clients and students. 

She says:

" Life is not meant to be lived in fear and pain.
We are meant to be living our dreams not surviving the reality."

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Free group for women who are ready to feel great in their body, stop emotional eating and

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My philosophy


Evidence - based

I strongly believe that nutrition advice should be based on the latest scientific research to give you the best chance possible to stay healthy. 

Whole foods

My focus is on ensuring you have balanced meals that include all food groups. I firmly believe that everyone needs real foods to fuel themselves for everyday tasks, recreational sport, training and competition. 


Food should be enjoyed by everyone, including kids, elderly and athletes! Whether it’s a snack, or a meal, I will make practical suggestions that you’ll love.

Contact: +64 0221269172

New Zealand