Food Freedom


Vera Prazak Bc., RN certified Intuitive Eating counsellor

Empowering women to find food freedom and live healthful life without restrictions, self-loathing and stress around food.

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About Vera

Hi there, Kia ora. 

Nice to meet you. This is me, a new mum, wife, dog and life lover.

I am also totally addicted to good chocolate and sourdough bread. Which was hard when I used to restrict food for sake of better health or limited how much I ate to lose weight. Guess what, none of that happened, quite the opposite.

I was sad, always irritated and my hormonal health and weight were questionable. But I didn't know any better back then. 

The day I met Intuitive eating everything changed... 


What we will work through

Intuitive Eating

Emotional Eating

Binge Eating

Body Image

Hormonal Health

My life is much easier, I don't have to stress out about eating out, celebtrations or social gatherings, because I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and eat whatever I want without fear it will negatively affect my body or health. 
Katka, CR
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Initial Consultation

Deep dive into your eating habits and health to help you determine what steps you need to take to find food freedom and live a healthful life.

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Intuitive Eating Community for Women

A free virtual community of women learning how to eat intuitively and live in harmony with their body needs.

Find Food Freedom and stop emotional and binge eating.

Find Your Food Freedom

Our life is filled with a diet culture full of restrictions, deprivation, cutting out and elimination.
There will always be a new and improved diet, promising you to “fix” your body and solve your problems. The life of perfection if you just follow a strict set of rules. 

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.
You can live a life of food freedom, free of guilt and shame associated with eating and body image.


Food is so much more than food. Its culture, tradition, family. Our food choices are affected by so much more than just food.

The empowerment that you get from being the one that calls the shots, not anyone else is priceless.

Understanding food freedom is knowing that there is so much more to life than counting calories, macronutrients and obsessing over food all the time. It frees some of your mental space so you can think about anything else than just-food. 

Food freedom right now might feel like a distant dream but it is 100% achievable to you where you are in full control. 

What would feel like if you would be never on a diet again?