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Vera Prazak

I am helping women to feel incredible in their body, confident in their life and to gain control over food without any complicated diets or rules.

And this is my story

I remember days when I counted calories, restricted meals or times when I didn't eat at all just to lose another kilo. To be happier, more confident and look better. ​

I felt trapped in my own mind and betrayed by my own body. 
Despite I knew what I have to do I couldn't find a solution. 

When I started my journey to Food and Body Freedom I changed my mindset around food and movement. I learned how to connect to my body and how to listen to its language to find my answers. 

Only a few weeks later my body started to respond and I saw it changing from day-to-day. I felt in control and I felt supported. My body was changing its shape without long gym workouts, my weight has stabilised despite eating foods I liked and my head felt clearer. I have created space for things I wanted. 

Today, I teach women to live in harmony with their body, to listen to their inner wisdom and to find peace and freedom within their life. 

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Love your body and your body will love you back

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The Radiant Woman

Sisterhood for women who wants to feel incredible in their own body, gain control over food without following complicated diets and rules.

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